Base layers are a must for winter travel. Of course, they’re a no-brainer on an outdoor-focused vacation like a ski trip, but we bring base layers on city travel too, during the cold months. Right now, we’re in Europe, and it’s chilly! I brought three Super.Natural base layer items, including the women’s base tight, base 1/4 zip, and women’s Vertex Jacket. Here’s why they earned their space in my carry-on.


Super.Natural base tight and 1/4 zip: 

Super.Natural lives up to its name, delivering on natural wool blends that will keep in heat while wicking away moisture. The base tight 175 is a no-nonsense, non-gimmicky essential wardrobe piece that’s thin enough to go under pants on cold days. I even wear them to bed when abroad in winter. They’re half wool, half polyester, with just enough stretch to be comfortable but not slip down during the day. They have an elastic waistband with logo that’s wide enough to be comfortable (it doesn’t dig into my stomach) and the length allows some room so they cover my ankle. It’s easy to slide a thick pair of ski socks on with them. The 175 level is the thinner option; you can also select the tight and the 1/4 zip in a thicker 230.

Pick up the base tight on Amazon in XS-XL in either black or a fun purple color for under $45, or buy online at Super.Natural. We also saw the tight on Moosejaw in an additional ‘cloud’ color (gray).

The 1/4 zip top is the same thickness as the tight (and as noted above, does come in a thicker version) and as the name suggests, has a 1/4 zipper down the front. I found this zipper to give just enough ventilation when I adjusted my temp based on my activity. Like the tight, it’s a wool-poly blend, but comes in four colors, including black, purple, ocean (a deep blue) and cloud. I like how the neck line comes all the way up to the chin when zipped all the way, but I do wish it had thumb holes.

Pick up the 1/4 zip top on Moosejaw or Super.Natural for approximately $80. This price seems steep until you consider this will be a go-to base layer in your travel clothing arsenal for years to come. It’s also available on Amazon in a men’s version (as is the tight).

Vertex Jacket: 

If you’re looking for a layer that’s more substantial, but still packs down small, the Vertex Jacket is a 260 weight instead of 175 and has a full zip. There are also my coveted thumb holes, and some stretch elastic material at the wrists for greater mobility. I still wear this jacket under an outer shell or puffy, but it can stand alone in spring and fall. The neckline comes up the the chin when zipped up like the 1/4 zip, and there’s no hood, though you get two zippered front pockets. It comes in purple or black, but is currently only in brick and mortar stores in the US. You can find it more widely available on European websites. Sizes XS-XL.

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