Wigwam Socks for Winter Sports

Wigwam Snow Sirocco socks

Wigwam Snow Sirocco socksFor snow sports, socks are often an afterthought—until you realize that you don’t have exactly what you need to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable for your outdoor pursuit of choice. Whether skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, ice climbing, snowmobiling, or merely walking from one place to the other, the right socks can mean the difference between an awesome outdoor day and one that makes you want to stay inside tomorrow.

Wigwam socks have been around for a long time. I remember snowshoeing to my family’s cabin each winter, wearing the wool socks with red trim. They were part of my winter clothing ensemble. The selection is far more diverse nowadays, and I want to highlight a couple that you may want to consider for your winter excursions this year.

The Wigwam Snow Sirocco Sock is an ideal choice for downhill skiing comfort. These socks are made of a combination of wool (42 percent), stretch nylon (24 percent), polypropelene (21 percent), stretch polyester (7 percent), olefin (5 percent) and spandex (1 percent). That seems like a lot, but think mostly about the wool: it’s soft, warm when you definitely need warmth, and odor resistant (so you can wear them for a couple of ski days without needing to wash them).

The Snow Sirocco Socks also have a seamless toe closure, which helps when you’re active and you want to avoid getting blisters. They also hug your feet and legs, which eliminates slippage when you need your clothing to stay put. The shin area is fully cushioned, making ski boots seem somewhat comfortable while you’re out and on the slopes.

Wigwam Snow Whisperer Pro socksThese socks come in black, charcoal, white, navy, carmine rose, hot magenta and purple summit, and list for $15 on the Wigwam site. They’re also available at Amazon.

The Wigwam Snow Whisperer Pro Sock is a great choice for winter sports with higher aerobic intensity. These socks are made of a combination of stretch nylon (47 percent), X2O acrylic (34 percent), olefin (17 percent) and spandex (2 percent). Like the Snow Siroccos, these socks have a seamless toe closure and foot-hugging fit, however the ultralight design works best for more aerobic sports.

The Snow Whisperer Pro Socks use Ultimax moisture control, which moves moisture from the bottom up. That’s essential when you’re working hard—you don’t want soaking wet socks to keep you from pushing forward.

These socks come in black, gray, orange, hot magenta, dark denim and aloe lime, and list for $16 on the Wigwam site. They’re also available at Amazon.

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