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Tortuga Homebase Duffle Case

The Tortuga Homebase Duffle Case is right up my alley. As someone that doesn’t love to carry around a backpack, this provided all of the durability of the Tortuga Homebase Backpack, but in a more convenient fashion for my preferences.

Tortuga Homebase Backpack

It is common to find most backpacks to be rather small, but the Tortuga Homebase backpack was surprisingly large. I really liked how there was a protective pocket for a laptop as large as 15 inches or a tablet as big as 9.7 inches.

SWIMS Unisex Navy Tote Bag

The navy SWIMS carry-all tote bag is great for all the same times when I would wear my SWIMS shoes. The durable, nylon fabric is water-resistant meaning I don’t have to worry if someone splashes water on the bag containing my iPad.

Tortuga Packable DayPack Backpack | Practical Travel Gear

Tortuga Packable DayPack Backpack

The Tortuga packable Daypack bag is meant for those that want to carry a few essentials. It has soft, drawstring shoulder straps that I found ideal for carrying around lightweight things.