Solo Executive Collection Bradford 15.6″ Briefcase (EXE336) Espresso Travel bag


Bradford briefcase

The impressive Solo Executive Collection Bradford Briefcase bag seemingly does it all. It brings a classic sense of style, a bit retro Mad Men-esque and a bit modern times, while holding a ton of stuff from paperwork to a laptop. It is the kind of briefcase that travelers of any age will enjoy, and it certainly looks better than business travelers hauling a backpack around as if they were in college.

The two straps in the front easily open to grab items quickly, but they are also a secure way to keep your items in place. Often, some bags have straps that come easily undone. With this bag, it was almost a bit too hard to open them (although they loosen comfortably with time as you “wear” the bag in).

The shoulder strap is removable so that it can be carried as a briefcase without the strap dangling below. The main pouch is large enough to hold a laptop up to 15 inches, but there is another pouch perfect for those that travel with smart tablets like an iPad or Nook. Two additional pouches hold smaller items like phones, cameras, keys, pens, passports, and other items snugly to keep them from falling out.

Initially, I was worried about smaller items falling out of the bag when it was placed on its back underneath the seat in front of me or in an overhead compartment on the plane. Since the pouches do not have zippers, things could slip out if the bag is jostled. While I am careful to keep it upright, the pouches are snug thanks to the straps in the front of the bag, which protects interior contents well.

Another pocket on the bag is the best place to store valuable small items so that they do not fall out. The bag’s cotton fabric exterior is elegant and durable even when exposed to the elements. This bag has earned me several compliments thanks to its clever design and fashionable appeal. Perhaps the best feature is the affordable price; it retails for $90 on the Solo website or on Amazon.