Smartwool Women’s Merino 150 Pattern Hoody

Smartwool Women's Merino 150 Patterned Hoody

I’ve always got an eye out for clothing that’ll combine into the most comfortable outfit to wear on long flights. The whole pajamas-in-public craze doesn’t do it for me, so I have to find clothes that work on a few levels.

Comfort is most important, but I don’t want to look like a slob, in case I need to appeal to a gate agent to give me that awesome seat instead of giving it to that person in a suit. I’m also looking for the right amount of coverage in terms of keeping warm in occasionally icy airplanes, but not too warm, because then I won’t be able to sleep. And then, finally, something that’s loose enough (but not too loose) that it’ll allow me to move, whether it’s in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping position in an economy seat for 15 hours, putting my bag in the overhead bin, or running for a flight.

My current favorite top that meets all these requirements is the Smartwool Women’s Merino 150 Pattern Hoody.

Made from 87 percent Merino wool and 13 percent nylon core, the material is Smartwool’s lightest layer. The Merino is wrapped around a nylon core for better durability, but the benefits of Merino remain: softness next to skin, temperature regulation and breathability, and quick to dry.

The regular fit allows for comfort without looking like you’re wearing a tent, and the raglan sleeves won’t hold you back, whether you’re waving for a taxi or hauling your luggage around. I especially like the longer fit, so I don’t have to worry about the shirt riding up when my arms are overhead, or if I’m trying some weird sideways sitting position to find a way to get comfortable in the forever shrinking economy seats.

The Smartwool Women’s Merino 150 Pattern Hoody comes in Pink Horizon, Desert Purple, and Light Capri, and lists for $100 on the Smartwool site. It’s also available at Zappos.

2017 Columbia Underwear for the Active Traveler- That’s YOU!

Columbia Underwear

Recently, I received a care package from Columbia complete with a Ombre Stripe Racerback Bra and an All Way Stretch Micro Mesh Omni-Wick Thong 2-pack. Do I sense some jealousy? You should be!


Columbia All Way Stretch Micro Mesh Omni-Wick Thong

First, these are available in some great colors! If you’re a plain Jane, you need this underwear in your lingerie drawer simply to spice up all that beige and black! The fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable. I wore these to hot yoga, work and under a pair of skinny jeans to give them the true test of the thong. I am happy to report all fabric stayed put. Thank the good underwear lord, I wasn’t having to find a moment to relieve the back end from intruding fabric. Also, in the skinny jeans, I did not have a ‘whale tale’ issue with the Columbia All Way Stretch Micro Mesh Omni-Wick Thong.

Easy to wash and dryer friendly. The minimal fabric would make for an ideal travel partner as they could quickly dry in any environment and would easily be washed in the sink of your cute Airbnb.

Thong not your thing? Have no fear, they have the same fabric (and more of it) for the Omni-wick Hipster Panty. Also available a 2-pack. The hipster also comes in fun colors and patterns as well as ‘plain Jane’ colors.


Columbia Ombre Stripe Racerback Bra

With the same vibrant colors as the underwear, the Ombre Stripe Racerback Bra fit well and I appreciated the removable cups. The wider straps and elastic band across the chest made the fit very comfortable. The fabric is also soft and I never experienced any chaffing in the armpits or along the chest wall. The bra held up well after washing and an unexpected trip through the dryer. The shape and feel did waiver after being exposed to the heat of the dryer.

I found this Ombre Stripe Racerback Bra to provide adequate coverage for my yoga classes but lacked the support I needed for my runs. I would recommend this sports bra for low impact activities and for some darn cute athleisure!


Columbia Men’s Performance Mesh Boxer Brief

From the mouth of husbands, “these are the best”. Maybe a new slogan is in the works for Columbia? As we all know, sometimes men don’t focus on the details we as women do. However, the husband has found the Columbia Men’s Performance Mesh Boxer Brief to not be constricting or sweaty. The mesh designs allow for airflow and the nether regions stays dry. The leg was comfortable for him as well. With larger quads, most boxer briefs ride up and start acting more like briefs. He could work in the yard shovel snow without the underwear moving around on him or constricting his movement.

Like the female counterpart, the mesh allows for a quick dry in any environments and the fabric is lightweight and soft. The waist band in a generous size and is comfortable. They have been a go-to choice in his underwear drawer.

Want to protect what is in your pants? Check out or

Toad & Co Trail Tight

I really like traveling with leggings and tights. They’re easily packable, comfortable, and can usually be versatile in my wardrobe. But honestly, some tights are just not quite…enough for travel days. They lack pockets, sometimes lack modesty, and can be less than durable. But if you like traveling with tights too, rest assured; I’ve found the perfect pair of tights.

trail tight

The Toad & Co Trail Tight is there for you. First off, it’s in Toad & Co’s new DeBug line, which means it’s been treated to repel insects with their proprietary InsectShield technology. Since I hike in many areas with mosquitoes, ticks, and other creepy crawly things, this alone is great news.

Secondly, it has pockets! You get two back pockets that remain flush to your bum when not used, plus a waistband stash pocket. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this is for travel, when you just need somewhere to place a room card, credit card, and maybe a cell phone.

Next, the trail tight is UPF rated to 40, has reinforced panels and durable, moisture-wicking material. They look cute, with a control panel near the tummy and a shirring detail on the seam near the ankles. When I hike in them, they don’t sag (miracle of miracles!) and I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything flimsy. I’ve worn them on the airplane, too, as well as in the car on road trips and while out city touring. They pair perfectly with a tunic, sweatshirt, or hoody. I’m definitely in love.

The inseam is 27.7, which is a little long for me at 5’4″, but if that’s your situation too, know that I haven’t had any problem with them bunching up at the ankle. They sell for $89 on Toad & Co’s website and come in two colors: graphite and black. What an awesome addition to a travel wardrobe! Look for deals on Amazon, as well.

Malin+Goetz Dark Rum 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum

The first time I smelled this rich, deep scent, it was in the bathroom of a Delta Sky Club. If that sounds strange to you, let me explain.
Malin+Goetz has been crafting toiletry products and bespoke scents for several years now, and hotels, airlines, and other travel companies have been taking notice. Delta stocks its bathrooms with these products, and I noticed how nice, yet not overpowering, the scent was that lingered on my hands.

Later, I encountered the same dark rum scent in the soap and body wash from Malin+Goetz at several hotels. That’s when I realized I was hooked on this scent and went on the hunt for a cologne or eau de parfum that I could wear on a daily basis.

In case you’re wondering what the scent is like, Malin+Goetz says that it has reached “cult status.” It is a best seller with notes of Bay rum and it works as a unisex scent since it is neither too musky or too sweet. The fragrance is blended with zesty bergamot and plum with other notes of leather, plum, patchouli, and a light note of rum on the finish.

I get so many compliments from people when I wear it, but there’s a small part of me that wants to keep it a hidden secret!

It does not come cheap, but the 3.4 ounce container lasts quite awhile and comes in the perfect travel size bottle that fits into my TSA-approved travel bag. This scent is one of many that Malin+Goetz offers and retails for $165 at the Malin+Goetz website.