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In 10 minutes Sven Can See and So Can You

Do you have a minute? How about 10. You do, trust me. Sven Can See is a spray on anti-fog solution for the lenses in… Read more

January 2017: A 7 Day Stay at Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa

It has been two weeks since we reluctantly returned from Oahu and Aulani Resort and every single day we have been home our children have… Read more

Best of SUP Boards: 2016 10’6 Ride MSL from Red Paddle Co

First, this board is beautiful. Even the board bag it comes in is well constructed and can be pulled via the wheels or worn as… Read more

Country Archer Jerky: 11 of the Best Flavors to Satisfy Any Traveler

2017’s new go-to protein packed snack. In the era when we are running from one spot to the next and trying to maintain a ‘Pintrest… Read more

Our Top 5 Woolrich Items for your 2017 Closet

We all have that one Aunt who sends Christmas gifts every year. Every year I would audibly protest receiving them and then the dreaded picture… Read more

Quick Dry Clothes

Best Quick-Dry Shirts – 2017 Edition

Whether you’re playing 18 holes at the local golf course or hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, you need a reliable quick-dry shirt to maintain your body… Read more

Best Daypack For Hiking

Best Daypack For Hikes – 2017 Edition

Hopefully now you see that daypacks are not all the same. They come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important you choose the right… Read more

For Your Next Adventure: TigerTail Massage Tools

I can’t name one person who doesn’t like to travel. Whether it is traveling to a new place, back home, or to see friends, sign… Read more

Filson Short Lined Cruiser Jacket

With classic styling and versatile tin cloth, the Short Lined Cruiser is my new, favorite go-to jacket. This jacket is equally qualified for a night… Read more

What we recommend for your outdoor trips: ASAP Wound Dressing Gel- OTC

I live in a house where Band-Aids fix everything from the real ‘boo-boo’ to the imaginary. There’s something in the psychology of children that requires… Read more