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Best of SUP Boards: 2016 10’6 Ride MSL from Red Paddle Co

First, this board is beautiful. Even the board bag it comes in is well constructed and can be pulled via the wheels or worn as… Read more

CamelBak Bootlegger

Stay hydrated with the CamelBak Bootlegger

Bringing a backpack with you while resort skiing, or hiking/running in winter conditions is tempting. At the very least, having hydration when you need it… Read more

La Sportiva Gamma Hoody

La Sportiva Women’s Gamma Hoody for Warmth in Action

Jackets that are made for warmth aren’t always made for aerobic action. For as many times I’ve been out in the cold in my puffy… Read more

Add-a-Twist by Light My Fire

Organize Your Gear with Light My Fire Add-a-Twist

Maybe it’s just me, but when I have backpacks with tons of extra pockets, I often forget what gear item I put into which pocket,… Read more


Keep it Clean With RinseKit

Whether you’re camping, out for a long and dusty bike ride, hiking all day, surfing killer waves, or merely playing in the wilderness without access… Read more

Helinox Chair Zero

Comfortable and Lightweight Helinox Chair Zero

Sure, camp chairs make camp life nice and comfortable, but they’re not only for the campground. Festival goers tote them around, hikers sometimes bring them… Read more

Klymit Luxe Pillow

Luxe Camping Comfort with Klymit Luxe Pillow

While waiting in line for a flight, I see people with not only their carry-on bags, but also their travel pillows—or even the pillow from… Read more

kelty lowdown chair

Kelty Lowdown Chair

Whether you’re lucky enough to camp year-round where you live or travel, or whether you log plenty of hours on the sidelines of your favorite… Read more

Cairn Outdoor Subscription Boxes

Each month, the delivery person will leave a box of surprise outdoor and adventure gifts. That’s what happens with the Cairn subscription box (truly the gift that keeps on giving). This is the first company to do this type of monthly delivery service for outdoorsy gear.


6 Of The Best Sleeping Bags For Backpackers

Walk into any outdoor gear store, and you’ll be met with a dizzying array of down, synthetic fill, nylon, and zippers…yes, you could get lost… Read more