Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph Watch | Practical Travel Gear 2
Photo credit, Timberland

Photo credit, Timberland

The rugged Timberland brand has a lot more going on for it than meets the eye. Its collection of watches is designed for the avid outdoorsman that likes to wear his style on his wrist both inside and out.

The Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph watch is easy to see in daylight with large numbers that do not appear faded when you look at them in harsh sunlight. In darker settings, the face can be illuminated to make it easy to tell the time. Of course, its large face makes it easy to see as well, and is in line with the latest trend of larger faces on men’s watches.

It tells more than just time. It features a calendar showing the date, month, and year. That is really helpful, but for frequent travelers like me that cross datelines quite often, it quickly became incorrect. Adjusting it is simple, but depending upon your travel schedule, it may almost be pointless.

What’s more is that the band and watch face are water-resistant meaning it is great for hiking or outdoor activities, but also ideal for business travelers that need not worry whether they get caught in the rain or their watch ends up in the sink after a quick brush of the hand on a crowded hotel vanity.

Its outer casing is crafted from stainless steel insuring its durability and ability to withstand bumps and scratches. It does add a bit of heft to the watch itself, which took me some getting used to as I prefer not to feel that I have a watch on at all. Over time, you hardly notice it.


Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph Watch

It features small dials and an outer ring that can be twisted on its own. These are crafted from rubber and acrylic, which is helpful in case you bang the watch against the wall or any hard surface. It is less likely to leave a mark, and given the weight and size of the watch, it is certainly easy to hit nearby surfaces before you are fully used to it.

A timer is built into the watch, which can be helpful for a variety of functions. Overall, this is a masculine, rugged, attractive watch from Timberland. It retails for $119 at Timberland’s website or on Amazon.