Bogs Casual Lace Boots

Keep Your Feet Dry with Bogs Casual Lace Boots

By Jill | March 24, 2023

Even if you don’t live in a place that’s having an epic winter/spring deluge, you can appreciate the simple luxury of keeping your feet dry when you’re out in the elements. And when you’re traveling somewhere rainy, it’s helpful to have casual rain boots that perform well and are also comfortable enough to wear them…

OtterBox OtterGrip Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Keep Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Safe with OtterBox OtterGrip Case

By Jill | March 17, 2023

Recently, years of caution ended when my phone slipped out of my pocket during a Fiji trip. The phone was in a protective case, but it seems that the screen landed perfectly on the jagged edge of a cobblestone, and it cracked. Since then, I’ve been a butterfingers with my phone a few more times,…

Cadence Capsules

Simplify Your Travel Life with Cadence Capsules

By Jill | March 10, 2023

Consider it a blessing or a curse, I’m a somewhat organized person. Or, more appropriately, I operate better in the world when I’ve organized some things in my life, leaving fewer opportunities for disorganized implosion. A very simple travel dream on which I’m still working, is to have my toiletry kit close to ready for…

Trtl Travel Pillow

Sleep on Your Flight with Trtl Travel Pillow

By Jill | March 3, 2023

There are travel gear items I’ve immediately embraced, and others it’s taken a little while for me to see the light. This is one example of the latter.   When I first saw the Trtl Travel Pillow, I got the idea, but couldn’t get on the bandwagon. My previous attempts at using a pillow in…

Jack Wolfskin Men's Tapeless Jacket

Stay Dry in All Weather with Jack Wolfskin Men’s Tapeless Jacket

By Jill | February 24, 2023

Weatherproof jackets often use seam tape to seal seams and keep them from leaking. But that practice can use as much as 65 feet of tape per jacket, causing a lot of waste. Jackets using seam-sealing tape also can have double layers, which isn’t optimal for breathability.   The Jack Wolfskin Men’s Tapeless Jacket eliminates…

VSSL Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker

March to Your Own Beat with VSSL Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker

By Jill | February 17, 2023

Hydration is essential for life. But there are some celebratory times where you may want to balance good hydration with cocktails. And to that festive moment, add music. It’s almost like how Carnival parades in New Orleans blend those excellent marching bands with a few tasty sazeracs, all at once.   You really have to…

OtterBox Waterproof Drybox

Keep Your Gear Dry with OtterBox Waterproof Drybox

By Jill | February 10, 2023

Our small electronics have become so much a part of our lives, that it’s surprising to find someone whose gaze isn’t lost in their phone wherever you go. I’m not shaming anyone by pointing this out, because that’s sometimes me, as well. But when you’re going to be near water, you owe it to yourself…

Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Hoody

Avoid Overheating in Patagonia Women’s Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Hoody

By Jill | February 3, 2023

In warm climates, it’s tempting to wear tanks or shirts with short sleeves when you’re out on the water or on the trail. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, later in the day, you may realize that you got just a little too much sun. But long-sleeved shirts aren’t always cooling.   That’s why I bring…

Loose Leopard Sabah

Dress Up Your Travel Wardrobe with Sabah Shoes

By Jill | January 27, 2023

Way back when I was a very young traveler in high school, I went on a trip with five pairs of shoes. It was a city trip—there were no adventures beyond the paved sidewalks, yet I felt like I needed all those shoes at the time. Flash forward to today, when I try to pack…

Burton Women's Gore-Tex Mittens

Keep Digits Warm and Dry with Burton Women’s Gore-Tex Mittens

By Jill | January 20, 2023

Whether or not you’re a winter person, you’ve got to keep your hands protected when out among the elements. One of the quickest disappointments with outdoor adventures is when your gear fails, making you cold and wet, and ready to go back indoors to sit by the fire.   Ideal for skiing or riding, but…