Trinity Audio Hyperion Earbuds | Practical Travel Gear

HYPERION Audio ReviewThis is one of the smallest and most lightweight universal in-ear devices with an aluminum housing. Produced by Trinity Audio, the Hyperion headphones are one of a trio of options the company sells. This is its most affordable pair and clocks in at a weight of only 13 grams.

It wins immediately for having a sleek design with chrome housing on the ear phones and thick cords that are less likely to tangle together than other cords.

Its cord fits easily into airline headphone jacks and those of iPhones and other smartphones. I use it often to listen to noise-canceling apps that produce white sound when napping on a plane. The earbuds fit snugly in my ear so that they do not fall out even when turning your head from side to side. The bass power of these headphones gives them an edge over others in this same price point.

With rubberized tips, they feel exceptionally comfortable on the ears whereas some earbuds can feel irritating after wearing them for awhile. This is the type of lightweight earbuds that travelers want to use when they cannot pack the big boys (these fit perfectly into your pocket).

When stuffing them into your briefcase, the cord can easily tangle so it is best to keep them in their own separate pouch, which comes with the headphones. Also included are a variety of rubber ear bud coverings to suit your personal preference. I liked the metallic look of the ear buds that give them a bit more style. While I am not one to wear headphones while walking around, they do look great if someone chooses to do that.

The Trinity Hyperion headphones provide exceptional sound at a fair price and are available from the company’s website.