Sandman Clock

That’s why people love this alarm clock. It has a large digital interface that is easy to see from far away (don’t worry the lights automatically dim in the dark), but it also comes with chargers for all of your devices…to use simultaneously! No more scrambling for multiple power outlets or buying a power strip to hide away under a night stand.

A Clear Day Face Care Kit from LATHER

The LATHER Clear Day Kit does a nice job of reminding me of all the things I need to do in one kit. All of the products are permitted in my carry-on.

Black Bombata Laptop Briefcase-Taormina by Fabio Guidoni

The exterior of the case is quite durable, and I imagine that it helps to buffer any pressure if the bag is dropped or banged around. Using the Velcro strap, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this bag to protect iPads and tablets well.

Plane Tags by MotoArt

Actual pieces of retired aircraft fuselage were used to make these. Each tag shows off the color, thickness, and even wear and tear from the piece of the plane where the tag came from. As a result, there are no two tags that are alike since they all come from various parts of the fuselage with the imperfections and wear of their life in the sky.