Staying home this winter instead of visiting a major ski resort? Finding yourself on the local sledding hill more often than on the gondola? Me too. We’re having tons of fun with an innovative new product, though, called Snowfeet.

Part skate, part ski, Snowfeet attach to your standard snow boots and can be used on both downhill trails and cross-country and snowshoe trails, either with a skating movement or a skiing movement. They’re also fun in terrain parks, once you get the hang of it!

The adjustable bindings fit just about any shoe or boot, and you get a heel brake for slowing and metal ski edges for turning and quick stops. We’ve found that they work best on packed snow (in the powder, they tend to trip you up…or maybe we are just not that skilled yet). Snowfeet are allowed at our local mid-sized downhill ski resort, but may not be allowed at all resorts. I’d call to ask before using in major resorts. They’re lightweight, and they come with a heavy-duty string backpack. We’ve found that we can toss them into a larger ski day pack, too.

Others have used them for ice hockey games, but we’ve stuck with XC trails and downhill ski trails. There’s a slight learning curve for getting off the ski lift chair with them on, but as soon as you’re used to the snub-nosed short length of the ‘ski’, you get the feel of it!

Pick up a pair for $147 on the Snowfeet site, or get a discount for additional pairs. Check out a video review here!

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