While we are working from home during the COVID stay at home order, we are planning out our family’s “Travel Bucketlist”. As you might assume, there’s a long list of trips outside and in nature. We want to try new things and don’t want to buy the gear unless we really fall in love with the activity. Here is where Gearo comes in handy for our family of four.

Rent Equipment Locally

Currently, Gearo is located in 17 states across North America. Gearo works with local retailers in those states to provide quality gear that is specific to the area and the form of recreation.

For instance, Zion and Red Rock Canyon were actually on our list this year. After looking up Las Vegas, NV on the Gearo website I found a ridiculously fun looking tour via motorized trikes (See photo). After long days in Zion, I think it would be a blast to rent these on our way out for an additional adventure with the kids.

We have friends in Colorado and have been planning a trip to see them. There are 10 Gearo cities in Colorado that have the gear you need to explore. I’m thinking mountain biking in Telluride sounds perfect.

Join Gearo

Are you a retailer looking to bring in more clientele? Gearo provides their retailers with all the tools to help manage a rental business. From analytics and an automated booking system, Gearo also provides a real time inventory tool so your customers won’t be left without the gear they desire.

Rental bike available in Telluride, CO

At the time of publishing, Gearo is offering retailers a COVID relief plan. The Gearo software will be FREE ( yes, that is F-R-E-E) for the next 6 months. Gearo Automator is the software that puts the power into the retailer’s hands when it comes to online rentals and bookings for excursions. In addition, it can assist in running e-commerce businesses.

Why Do We Choose Gearo?

We choose Gearo because it is not always sustainable to purchase new gear. Rentals allow for local, mom & pop, businesses to reach a broader market with efficiency. For myself, the most important part is that the gear we rent is appropriate for the area we are in. Once you have been caught with your preverbal travel gear pants down, you learn to source and secure the best.

In addition, you are renting from someone who knows the area you are about to explore. These people are better than Yelp and Google Reviews, they know the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants, less crowded trails and when its best to head to the trailhead for instagram worthy sunrise pictures.

Head over to Gearo’s website and start planning your next adventure!

Keep it local, keep yourself safe! Until we can travel safely again, Cheers!