This time of year brings a whole new set of activities that will keep you outside and in the fresh air. However, with the decrease in temps, your daly shoes are no use in the snow and ice. This year we are turning to Hillsound and their Flexsteps Crampons to ensure we play safely in the inclement weather.

Travel Perfect

When not on our shoes, the Flexsteps Crampons live in their own washable carry bag. They can easily be stores in your daily commute bag, thrown into your backcountry backpack, car glove compartment and packed into your suitcase with ease.

When we are wearing them, the carry bag doubles as a snack bag and Ignik Personal Heater holder. The drawstring closure keeps your goodies contained.

 Easy On, Easy Off

The flexible structure of the Flexsteps Crampons make it easy to slide over any outdoor shoe. The velcro strap across the toe box gives extra security to the Flexsteps and doesn’t shift while in use. I have worn them on my snow boots and trail runners now in 6-8″ of snow and haven’t felt a slip or unsure in my footing while on the move.

I wear a size 7.5 in women’s and have the Flexsteps Crampons in a size small. The Crampons fit both my outdoor shoes securely and have never slipped off.

Spike the Snow

I was a track runner in High School and the 18 x 1/4″ spikes that are on each Crampon gives me the feel of being on the track again, knowing I can push my speed because I can feel the stability of my shoes beneath me. I’m not condoning sprinting in snow and ice- no, no. Our legal team won’t let me. The take away is that I feel confident on the ice and snowy conditions that blanket Idaho in the winter.

From walking our dog on the frozen trails in the foothills, to pulling our kids on their sleds and jogging through the quiet landscapes of Ponderosa Park, the Flexsteps Crampons have kept me safe and upright.

While testing out the Flexsteps Crampons on our latest sledding trip, I could easily slip off the Flexsteps while whizzing down the hill on the sled and quickly put them back on to head back for crockpot hot chocolate (It’s on Pintrest. You’re welcome).

The Flexsteps Crampons are lightweight, weighing in at under 12 ounces for the small, and do not create spaces in your footwear to accumulate snow or ice, making your shoes heavy.  My Crampons have also not damaged my shoes from wear- which I appreciate because my shoes cost way more than they do. I find traction devices that incorporate chains often damage your shoes outer layer which is your foot’s first defense against the cold and wet nature of winter weather.

We recommend these for the urban commuter, especially those college students who are walking between classes on campus, dog walkers, family fun seekers,  and hikers. Hillsound Flexsteps Crampons can be purchased on, and The Crampons retail for $55 and come with a two year warranty. Be sure to reference the size guide found on for the most accurate size to fit your shoes.

Safe Travels!