The Gregory Border Traveler 30L backpack is simply the best backpack I have ever owned. The quality of thisGregory Border Traveler 30L backpack is unmatchable compared to the backpacks I have laying around my house. There are so many compartments to store away your goods and keep them fresh. I love all the compartments so you can divide all your items like fresh clothes, dirty clothes, laptop, and much more. This Gregory backpack is also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time while traveling. I highly recommend this backpack if you are looking for a quality backpack that can accomplish many aspects of traveling.

My first experience using the Gregory Border Traveler 30L backpack was going on a short trip with friends to Portland, Oregon. I was able to store all the clothes I needed for a weekend inside. There are many different pockets and zippers to store individual items so you’re not searching through your whole backpack to find them. There are small compartments where you can store socks, underwear, and other small items so they don’t get lost with everything else you have stored away. This backpack is designed extremely well as it is simply created for any of us that are on the go and need plenty of storage places for all our items traveling. The dimensions of this bag are a height of 21.5 inches, width of 14 inches, depth of 7.9 inches, and a weight of 2.5 pounds. There is also a lab top compartment that can hold up to a 15-inch screen.

travel backpackOne of the best parts of this backpack is the dirty clothes compartment that holds your dirty clothes. The active ingredient inside the polygiene is a biocide that helps eliminate odors and keeps all your items fresh inside your bag. This polygiene compartment ismade from recycled auto glass and uses a special kind of product that is anti-microbial to eliminate the growth of odor causing bacteria. This compartment is also washable as you can clean it with basically any household cleaner to eliminate odors or dirt. I’ve always wanted a backpack with this kind of capability because it’s difficult to store dirty clothes away from fresh clothes. I would always be grabbing grocery bags or hotel plastic bags to help keep my dirty clothes away from my fresh clothes. I no longer must worry about infecting my fresh clothes with all my dirty sweaty clothes. This is a game changer as it is extremely nice to have this feature.

Overall, I am extremely stoked about this product. The Gregory Border Traveler 30L is my favorite backpack yet. This backpack is perfect size for short travels and provides you with a way to store every single item and keep it separated from all your other items. Most of the time, I will be searching for something at the bottom of my backpack because there are only a few compartments to store items. With all the different compartments to store items helps eliminate that frustration. It’ important to have all your items centralized and organized to make your life easier while traveling. Another great feature about this product is that it’s built with recycled materials. All the fabric in this bag is created from recyclable materials which creates 40 percent reduction in the carbon footprint. I am all about protecting our environment because we need to start caring for our Earth before it’s too late. When it comes to looking for a product that can help with traveling, The Gregory Border Traveler 30L is the answer. This product kept me so organized over the course of the weekend that it made my life much simpler. Having the ability to store all my items in certain locations can help you out tremendously. I will always use this Gregory backpack anytime I travel.

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