As the past gifts of automobile parts and toys, gift cards and neckties pile up in your house, you ask, “WHAT do you WANT this year?” only to receive the deflating answer of “nothing”. We share your frustration but hope we can help with some ideas that you (or him) haven’t thought of. So! time to donate those unused ties and wrap one or two of these up for the man in your life.

Waterproof Binoculars

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8×25 Waterproof Binoculars

Not just for birdwatching, these Nocs Provisions are a lightweight, compact and powerful binoculars are perfect for watching sporting events, boating, hunting and for general use when the moment arises. What is most exciting about the Noc Provisions Standard Issue binoculars is the ability to take a photo with your phone through the lenses. Just hold you phone up to one eye view and allow the lens to use it’s 400mm power to provide you with a crisp picture. These are fully waterproof and rugged! They can ride on the side of the ATV or be stowed away in the center console without fear of damage. Available in 8 colors, you can get his favorite color! Available HERE.

Dakota Grizzly Bowie Shirt

Dakota Grizzly Bowie Shirt

Even the grufest of men like a little pampering. Allow him to feel pampered while looking good and staying warm in Dakota Grizzly’s Bowie Shirt. These slim fit flannels will go from trail, camp and right into the tavern without you being embarrassed by his appearance. The soft, brushed polar fleece will make him feel luxurious and you will want to snuggle into it. We did find that the fit a more slim fit than expected. I suggest sizing up- you can return it for a full refund with Dakota Grizzly’s risk free trial. Wrap him up in quality warmth with one CLICK.

Travel Coffee French Press

BruTrek OVRLNDR Travel Coffee French Press, 24 fl.oz

On the go french press coffee for the early mornings and late nights! Camouflaged in a rugged textured powder coating, the OVRLNDR will be the envy of all his friends. A double-walled, vacuum insulated will keep his favorite brew warm for hours! But, the best part is that the OVRLNDER’s patented removable bottoms makes making another round of french press coffee as easy and removing the bottom. The OVRLNDR is the only coffee press on the market with a patented removable bottom. After you press and drink all the coffee, carefully unscrew the base for easy clean up! There will be a little extra liquid here, to help swish out the leftover grounds. Available in 4 colors. Ready to ship HERE!



A nice knife is always great to have on hand. Whether it’s just a beautiful multi blade or his go-to for sporting, Case Knives can make a knife that will impress even the biggest Grinch out there. With a quiz to find your perfect match and the option of personalizing the blade, Case knows how to make a big impact with a small gift.

We have the modern Kinzua Anodized Aluminum Blue. The weight is such that you know it’s with you, but not so much that you are weighted down. The new blade shape mimics that of a japanese sword and makes for better piercing.

Waterproof Case

Pelican Go G40 Case – Waterproof Case

From fishing, to hunting and deep sea fishing, this waterproof case from Pelican will make sure not only is your phone safe, your wallet, key fobs and even medication will stay as dry as when you put it in. The case is crush proof and will remain watertight for 30 minutes. A large attachment point at the top allows you to hook the Pelican Go G40 case to your car, backpack, boat, etc. Available on Amazon.

Moleskine Pen

Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse Smart Writing Set Pen & Ruled Smart Notebook

This gift set includes Pen+ digital smart pen, Paper Tablet with ncoded paper in dotted layout to work with pen+, pen+ smart pen USB recharging cable, 1 pen tip ink refill, & user manual Designed with Code technology which allows the pen+ to capture each pen stroke. Using the Companion app, he can easily transfer what is on the page of the Moleskin notebook to the device (supports Apple and Andriod!) of your choosing. He can save the files in Evernote, Google Docs and PDFs files.

Moleskins have always been a great gift idea in our house! The quality of the journals, the personalization of the notebooks and now this technological upgrade makes this an amazing gift for the IT/Tech lover, professional, student and even your artist. Available on Amazon.

Sunglasses from SHWOOD

CAMP Cove Sunglasses from SHWOOD

The CAMP Cove sunglasses are a little oversized giving them a high fashion look and allowing the lenses to do a great job of blocking out any sunlight that would impede on your adventure or while driving. Because the weight is so minimal, these make for great hiking and driving glasses causing no fatigue to the eyes or face from wear. Spring hinges allow for a comfortable fit every time. 

All CAMP glasses are made from a plant based bioplastic made from castor seeds. This process allows SHWOOD to create a more environmental friendly product by avoiding petroleum-based plastics. Constant experimentation and the drive to make a sunglass that stands out in a industry full of copycats, SHWOOD is rising like a Cheetah and has pioneered over 25 new materials into the eyewear industry. These materials include oxidized metals, stabilized sea shells and at the OR show, there were frames with beautiful flowers in them.

Shwood sunglasses can be found on their website and a small selection on Amazon.





The rechargeable and compact Zeus fits easily under the seat of the truck and my explorer. With the variety of uses, we can ensure we have a jumper, a necessary flashlight and a power bank. The Zeus comes fully charged and lives in its own carrying case that holds the various adapters. Dual USB ports can charge devices while the flashlight is can be used as a SOS light. Grab one from Uncharted Supply’s Website. 

First Ait Pro

They also make a variety of first aid kits and multi-day supply packs. Don’t hesitate to check those out for the guy in your life. I personally carry the First Aid Pro with me because of the MOLLE system that allows me to attach it to a ATV/outdoor vehicle, or my 511 backpack. The personalization option for the First Aid Pro allows me to add in a chemical ice pack and suture closure kit.

Challenger goggles

Challenger goggles are where Glade gets serious. Most goggles don’t fit my face very well and I tend to ski trees and moguls exclusively. I need something that works in lower light and gives me enhanced depth perception. Last season I went all in on a $250 pair of high end goggles that have been nothing but a disappointment . While they work well in low light they don’t fit as well as I want and they are constantly fogging and icing up. I took the Ten Mile helmet and Challenger goggles with me on a Cat ski trip this last weekend with my father. With 14 inches of fresh snow we were expecting an epic day. What we didn’t anticipate was a warming trend that hit and we found ourselves with surprisingly good snow but poor visibility and very light rain. The Challenger goggles weathered through with me. What I didn’t have was fogging, slipping or a poor fit.

Glade Challenger Goggles can be found on their website HERE.

If none of these work, I suggest getting him the puppy you’ve always wanted.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!



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