BTR Ultralight Backpacking Stool 17 inch

The BTR Ultralight Backpacking 17-inch stool is the most convenient, light (14.10z), and easiest set up I have ever encountered with a chair. Once you unpack the stool from the box, you can literally set it up within 5 seconds. All you have to do is extend the legs and spread open the top portion of the seat. You can place the chair about anywhere that is somewhat flat ground. Because the 3 prong legs, it balances evenly on rougher terrain as well. The first day I opened the BTR Stool, I went out to the Boise River on a hot one-hundred-degree day. I pulled out the chair and set it up near the river in about 5 inches of water so I could soak my feet and enjoy the views. My first encounter with the chair; I was amazed with such an easy setup, the durability and structure were excellent, and mainly the convenience of such a small product that can be set up extremely quickly and give you comfort in seconds. The stool says that it can hold up to 240 pounds. I am 215 pounds and 6’9” and felt extremely confident in the durability of the chair and the support it gave. It is well made with 7001 aluminum alloy and will last for quite some time.

My second experience with this stool was in the Owyhee mountains at Mahogany Mountain. It was a Friday evening, and I went out after work with my dad and brother to hike 4 miles out to camp at Mahogany Mountain for the first backpack trip of the season. My family and I are avid hikers and backpackers, so we know and understand that having lightweight products can totally transform your experience while backpacking. The lighter your gear, the farther you can travel and experience the trails less traveled. I strapped this chair to the side of my backpack and could not notice it on the side of my pack. While hiking we took a couple breaks, and I could pull the chair off the side of my pack and take a seat without any inconvenience. Many times, while backpacking I would sit on a rock or on the ground while sitting with the friends and family and it would be so uncomfortable and not ideal. The BTR stool literally lives up to its name (Better than a Rock). It is beyond convenient and aids in the break needed after a long hike without trying to adjust on rock or finding a suitable place to sit in the shade as this chair can be set up wherever due its small size. This stool takes no effort and can carry with your hand or strapped to the side of a backpack with ease. Having the convenience of this stool really changed the game for me. I will never go backpacking without having a product like this to make my experience backpacking that much greater. Having that upmost comfort while traveling out in the wilderness is incredible and special.

Overall, I believe this product is a complete success. It lives up to its name being such a lightweight and easy to use stool that can set up in no time and give you that comfortability to be anywhere that you love to be. Whether its fishing, hiking, golfing, sitting around the campfire, at the beach or river, this stool will help you enjoy anything that you love to do outdoors. If you are looking for a great durable, lightweight, easy setup stool, then this is the chair for you.