It’s no secret that bike thieves are becoming more and more prevalent in cities across the country. In fact, statistics show that between 2011 and 2015, the number of bicycle thefts increased by 24%. The good news is that there are a growing number of products designed to keep your precious ride safe from would-be thieves. Today we are taking a look at Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock. It is an excellent lock for new or professional cyclists who want an economical alternative to high-end locks. If you’re interested in finding out whether this lock is right for you, keep reading!

What’s The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE?

The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock is a lightweight, compact lock that comes in several color and size options. The mounting design are articulating bars that allow you to customize the fit of the lock against your bike and the structure you are locking it to. The lock length is 60cm.

Abus Bordo 6055C LITEIt’s ideal for keeping your bike safe when you’re not around. The Bordo 6055C is made from lightweight, steel, so it’s easy to carry with you while you’re on foot. OR! You can purchase the attachment and keep the lock with your bike at all times, alleviating any opportunity to forget it and have it stolen.

A few years ago, I forgot my bike lock on a routine errand and thought that I could slip my bike in between the crowded bike rack and run inside to grab some coffee for the next morning. I wasn’t away 3 minutes and my bike was G-O-N-E. I was devastated.

The Bordo 6055C Lite is easy to install on your bike, thanks to its lightweight design. As one of the lowest-priced bike locks, the Bordo 6055C has some great features that make it a great choice for new cyclists or those who just want an inexpensive option. I walked around the block for an hour before I called my husband to let him know that the brand new bike he bought me was stolen.

Key Features of the Abus Bordo 6055C LITE

The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock is small and lightweight. It weighs only 440 grams. Its compact size makes it a great option for urban cyclists who don’t have a lot of space to spare on their bike. The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock is rated for all weather use and has been Ice Spray tested. The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock has a shackle diameter of 1.3 inches, which makes it very easy to use on most bikes. The compact design allows for easy storage on most road bikes.

The Abus Bordo 6055C LITE Bike Lock comes in four different colors, making it easy to find in a messy garage or storeroom.

Should You Buy the Abus Bordo 6055C LITE?

There are a lot of great features that the Abus Bordo 6055C LITE is known for, making it a great buy for new or experienced cyclists. We think that this is a lock that you should definitely take a look at if you want an inexpensive option that still offers many of the same features as really expensive but rigid and heavy bike locks.

The small size and lightweight design of the Abus Bordo 6055C LITE make it a great choice for urban cyclists who don’t have a lot of space to spare on their bike. The compact design is great for older children to use at school or while out and about with friends. If creative enough, they may even be able to lock two bikes together because there’s always that one friend who isn’t prepared.

The Bordo 6055C Lite is available on the ABUS website, Amazon and at retailers near you. On the ABUS website, you can easily find a dealer near you with their search platform. The 6055C lite is rated at a 7/15 for bike security and allows for an individual code to be set.

We recommend this to the new biker, college students, city commuters and recreational families. The lock can help keep strollers, electric scooters and bike trailers secure as well!

Bordo 6055C Lite retails for around $60… a LOT less than new equipment. It really does pay to be prepared!

Safe Travels!


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