It’s a never-ending challenge to avoid single-use, disposable food packaging when camping or generally enjoying yourself in the outdoors. When you’re grabbing food from stores on the go, much of it already comes in packaging, so you either have to be diligent about shopping in places where you can use your own containers, or disposing of the packaging before you hit the trailhead. You can always pack out your trash, when you can’t avoid bringing some along.


One of my favorite food-packing systems when I’m driving and don’t have to carry everything on my back is the Snow Peak Tobachi 2. The insulated system comes with a set of two Tobachi Medium meal components, for you to use as a lunchbox or for a picnic. Or, switch out those two containers for four Tobachi Small components for a wider variety of food in smaller servings.


The entire sturdy system weighs about 2.8 pounds when empty and measures 7.9 inches high by 4.6 inches wide. The case is made with stainless steel and polypropylene, and the Tobachi containers are made with porcelain and silicone.


When you pack food in the containers, they get heavier, which is why I don’t use the Tobachi 2 when I’m packing my meals over a long distance on foot. It’s been ideal for a post-surf warm meal (ramen and rice) or a beach picnic (cool salads), and is likely also optimal for packing your lunch when you return to the office. The insulation time for keeping your foot hot or cool lasts for about 4 hours.


There’s also a Tobachi 3 system, which fits even more containers, for those who need more space when traveling with family and friends.


The Tobachi 2 comes in gray and white, and lists for $139.95 on the Snow Peak site.

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