I just ended a huge two day media Zoom call about the new and exciting products coming to you in 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited for the new gear and color ways. With all the aesthetically pleasing gear these companies have been working on, I was incredibly moved by how many of them are producing gear that is not only good for the environment, but it gives back as well. Thousand Heritage bike helmet is one company that gives back to the planet and encourages you to do so as well.

Climate Collection

We are under a “Stay At Home” order so the trails here are our testing ground.

We are reviewing the Terra Cotta color from the Climate Collection from thousand. In this collection, there are three beautiful choices in rich colors that represent the Earth and its diverse ecosystems. Have you ever been to Moab or St. George, Utah? The Terra Cotta color of the thousand helmet is representative of the beautiful red of the mud and brilliance of the sunrises and sunsets. The Coastal Blue will make you yearn for the ocean and the Artic Grey, in its timeless color, will have you dreaming of fresh powder and the calmness of the first snow.

Made for the urban traveler, thousand has created a functional helmet in an iconic shape that will bring joy to your every day ride. On the conference call I mentioned above, the idea of traveling will change dramatically after our world-wide lock down in the prevention of the spread of COVID19. Collectively, we felt the bike is no longer the weekend mode of entertainment for most. The bike will become a standard of transportation across the world and we couldn’t be more excited for it!

Features of thousand

Seven vents can be found on the thousand helmet. Three are at the top and 4 at the back of the helmet to ensure airflow out the back of the helmet. The helmet can ride a little warm, but not so much that I find it takes away from the enjoyment of being on a bike and riding. We have been testing out the helmet in 70-ish degree weather and find it comfortable. A plus of the seven vents is that when the heaven’s open up during your commute, I can see how you would stay drier than if you were in the the over ventilated aerodynamic helmets we are so used to seeing.

The more circular cut of the helmet and wide birth of the vegan leathern straps allow me to comfortably wear sunglasses and have one ear bud in for phone calls. (Please be careful wearing headphones while riding and make sure you are still able to listen for cars, trains and other bikers.) My favorite polarized sunglasses for rides can be found here

The chin straps are ethically sourced and are constructed from vegan leather. With the straps adjusted to your face, the integrated dual fit system ensures a personalized and proper fit of the helmet for your ride. The thousand helmets are CPSC, ASTM F1492 and CE EN1078 safety certified. While safety is of top concern, I would like to direct your attention to the magnetic fastener on the straps of the thousand helmet. With this system there is no need for fumbling fingers trying to depress two sides of the male end of the buckle. The magnetic closure allows for a simple slide and BAM!  You are ready to ride.

Family Friendly

My 11 year old tried on the Climate Collection helmet and had the buckle mastered within 1 try. The small helmet fits him perfectly as well- just think of all the times he won’t be pinching his chin or fingers! The lack of tears alone is worth a thousand helmet for all children. The German engineered system allows you to easily clip or unclip the bucket with gloves on during those colder morning commutes. We are in the high dessert area of Idaho so even in the warmest summer months, our mornings can be surprisingly cold.

Magnetic Buckle

As a bike commuter, I appreciate the brightness in the colors from the Climate Collection and the Heritage Helmets in general. Being seen on a bike is incredibly important, not only in densely populated cities, but for the Greenbelts that we take our children out on. Our Greenbelts run through neighborhoods and along the highways- being bright and being seen can save a life.

Piece of Mind

The coolest feature of the thousand helmet is 110% the Anti Theft Guarantee. The small circle on the back of the helmet is actually a magnetic window to a thread through hole for your bike lock. Simply thread your bike lock though the logo and lock your beautiful helmet to your bike. Thousand then takes their guarantee one step further- if

Anti-theft logo access

your thousand helmet is stolen while locked to your bike, they will replace it for free.

Protect your brain and our Mother Earth

Thousand helmets are working hard to become Climate Positive. This means by being mindful of their annual carbon emissions they are offsetting it by 110% with a goal of even more! As a partner of 1% For The Planet, thousand has donated over $11,000 and donated their time as volunteers. My applause for their global awareness comes from the fact that they gave their employees a $1,000 each to donate to an environmental cause of their choosing. An amazing gesture to our planet!

Thousand helmets can be found on their website and a small selection are available on Amazon.com. They retail for $89 and are just what you need to be seen, safe and fashionable on your ride. Don’t skip out of the accessories page– the Bicycle Bell is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Don’t forget Dad! This helmet is as handsome as him.

Stay healthy!