Flip-flops and slippas aren’t for everyone. To some of us, the sandals are a staple of our wardrobe—whether we choose the casual models for every-day wear or the leather versions for “dress up.” To others, they can cause challenges with foot comfort, especially with excessive toe-gripping.


But that doesn’t mean you have to walk away from every minimal-style sandal. The Sanuk Cosmic Calypso Sandals are strappy, yet supportive and comfortable enough to wear throughout your trip. Wander city streets, stride along the beach, adventure among ancient sites—all of it is possible with these sandals.


The sandal’s straps, lining, and lined footbed are made using leather responsibly sourced from Leather Working Group tanneries, which align environmental priorities, bring visibility to best practices, and guide continual industry improvement. Sanuk’s animal products, like leather, come from partners who abide by the brand’s Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare Policy.


The leather straps are soft, and during the break-in period of wearing them, I didn’t get much rubbing beyond a very little amount on the inside of my foot at my arch. After a couple of days, it didn’t bother me at all.


The sandal’s high-rebound midsole features Sanuk’s Cosmic Yoga Foam with 20-percent certified organic soybean polyol. The foam provides a lot of cushion—like walking on a yoga mat—while also offering support. Cushion is nice, but your feet need both that and support to be comfortable over time.


The rubber outsole has great traction for regular pursuits, and aren’t too slippy when you’re walking around on the pool deck or other wet surfaces.


The Cosmic Calypso Sandals can smash flat in our suitcase or carry-on without damage to the shoe. When you get where you’re going. Pull them out, put them on, and explore.


Cosmic Calypso Sandals come in brown leather, and list for $70 on the Sanuk site.

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