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Zumer Sport Bags And Backpacks – A Quick Review

This unique company has found a clever way to recycle and repurpose old sporting equipment into stylish bags and carrying cases.

Zumer Sport make perfect gifts for sports lovers or those that want to tote around a bag that is different from everyone else.

The company uses actual sports ball materials in the design of everything from drawstring bags to backpacks and duffel bags. I

tested out one of the company’s carrying cases that worked perfectly for storing a passport, keys, coins, pens, and other small items. It actually looks like handcrafted leather and appears more expensively than it actually is.

Backpacks range between $60 and $100 while other products are far cheaper. Wallets cost about $20 while business card holder and luggage tags are $13.

Unlike leather, the bags hold up quite well and have no issue if they get wet in the rain. Their durable surface, since it is designed for heavy wear as sports equipment, can withstand constant tosses and tussles.

Personally, I think that some items like basketballs can have a distinct smell to the material, but these bags lack that odor thankfully (although the texture and appearance remain the same).

It is really cool to see the way companies are thinking outside of the box to attract customers. Surely, this is not the cheapest material to acquire and redesign to use in this way, but it will appeal to those looking for something either unique or eco-friendly.

Zumer Sport bags are great for sports teams, gifts for friends and family, or simply as a treat to yourself if you’re looking for a gym bag with a twist. They are available on the Zumer Sport website or on Amazon.


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