With Pumpkin Spice making it’s appearance across store shelves, it is time to discuss the women’s Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket for your Fall and into late Spring needs. No need for your leggings and high boots, this jacket isn’t made for no pumpkin patch silliness!

The Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket is lightweight, but may be warmer than my actual ski jacket. The interior of the jacket is Polartec Alpha body mapped to ensure you are warm no matter the situation and even when you are wet.

Covering you is the Torrens’s DWR finish. This finish keep water from soaking in or seeping through seams in everything from downpours to light rains. Hydrophobic under cuffs works in conjunction with the DWR to prevent water from getting into the jacket. There are thumb holes on the cuffs for added comfort and fit.

In cases of extreme water splash, wind and rain, the lower hem is elasticized but doesn’t constrict the lower body so you still have full range of motion to secure your boat, the vehicle or even jump on your bike for the wet ride home.

Even if you are not lakeside, the Torrens Thermal Jacket would be a great option for the sideline of the soccer field in the enviable Sunday where all three games will be played in the wind and rain.

For traveling, the Torrens Hood Thermal Jacket rolls up tight and is easily stuffed into the brain of your backpack or your carry on. There is little hardware on the jacket (zippers, ties, bungees, toggles, etc) so you could fold it up and use it for a pillow.

While on the trail or the boat, your valuables can be secured in one of three pockets. One interior pocket and two generous front hand pockets are all secured with zippers.

To ensure you don’t become too sweaty while in use, the Torrens jacket has checkered fleece built into the underarms for breathability. When the rain and winds really kick up, the hood of the Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket’s front is lined with the same hydrophobic lining of the cuff but the interior is the Polartec Alpha to keep your head warm in the harsh weather.

I really appreciate the four way stretch of the fabric. It allows me to move freely while exploring, hiking or cheering on my kids at their respective activities. Historically, I am always the one to complain that I am cold, even in the summer months. There is no excuse for being cold in the body mapped Polartec Alpha insulation. I am at a comfortable temperature within a couple minutes of wearing the Torrens Jacket.

Polartec Alpha insulated hood with hydrophobic liner to keep the wet out and heat in.

It seems so cliche to say but, this jacket literally lives in my car now. In Idaho we can easily experience all fours seasons in one day and extreme winds storms are frequent. The Torrens has had my back from the first day of testing.

I have a medium and find that it fits TTS. I am able to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath without the arms becoming too tight or the fabric bunching.

The well thought out construction of the Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket will ensure you stay as dry as possible, when you need it. Available on the Mustang Survival website, the Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket retail for $259.99.

The Torrens is currently available in Black and a gorgeous Ocean Blue (pictured). I was provided a sample so the interior on my jacket differs from the one that made it to market.

We recommend the Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket for the minimalist, the traveler, the sideline coach, and the adventurer.

Another great option for an all weather jacket is the Mustang Survival Callan Jacket. Same high quality construction without the Polartec Alpha insulation.

Safe Travels!


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