Travel is on the horizon! Vacations and adventures are on our calendar and travel perfect gear is back in our luggage. This includes the very popular BioZoom Jr. from Addaday. We discovered why the BioZoom Jr. is selling out over and over and why it is a must for traveling and recovery.

Weighing less than one pound, the BioZoom Jr. is a compact yet powerful recovery tool for athletes and travelers alike. The percussive therapy allows the body to increase blood flow and circulation during long flights and car rides while bringing back the range of motion you need to see this wild world we live in.

The BioZoom Jr. is bluetooth enabled with the Addaday app (free) and allows the user to customize a program for what ails them. Personally, I am recovering from a skiing accident in early 2020 that left me non-weight bearing for 3 months and an additional 6 months of physical therapy to bring me back to “normal”.

2020 has taught me a valuable lesson when it comes to recovery and letting the body heal. After my accident, casted from ankle to hip, I returned to the grueling environment of the operating room and continued to assist for 8-10 hours a day. I didn’t let my bones, ligaments or body have a chance to rest and recover.

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Not a day goes by that I don’t have pain from my accident and I am over a year out. There are spasms from either my quadricep or hamstring on a daily basis and no amount of stretching or bavarian squats have strengthened my leg enough that they stop.

Until now.

As a recommendation from my PT, I started using the BioZoom Jr. on a daily basis. It is compact enough to take to work and easily wiped down. Three variable heads bring a different level of relief to my legs and lower back.

Not knowing exactly where to begin, the Addaday App was very easy to use and walked me through the correct way to hold, use and the pressure I needed to apply with the BioZoom Jr. to get the benefits. Within the first week of use, I was able to start running up to 10 minutes. The second week of use, I ran my first two miles in 18 months and I was pain free for three days following. Prior to the percussive massage of the BioZoom Jr., I would have been non-weight bearing the day after and in painful, tear inducing spasms within 2 minutes of finishing my run.

At work, I use the BioZoom Jr. between long surgeries and not just on my legs and back. I use it on my shoulders and neck for relief from looking down and now I discovered I can use it on my plantar fascia for extreme relief from standing all day. My coworkers are starting to use it and seeing relief in their necks and backs as well.

For travel, the BioZoom Jr. easily fits in my center console or my carry on. I have used after flights for tight neck muscles and tired, slightly swollen legs to aid in lymph and blood circulation. For the car, it helps with lower back and neck muscles. Please don’t use while driving, we don’t encourage that.

Due to the variable percussive speeds, I can also use the  BioZoom Jr. on my children and help alleviate soreness from sports, growing pains and tired muscles from working on a computer for online school.

BioZoom Jr. retails for $149 and is available on and at participating Target stores.

Safe Travels!

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