The myCharge MAG-LOCK Superhero Wireless for iPhone 12 and 13 is an ideal companion for those that want to keep devices fully charged. Often, travelers are far from a nearby outlet. The ability to charge a device remotely is important, and this power device is made especially for newer iPhones. While most of the newer models are designed to have longer battery life, that is not always the case. It depends how you use your iPhone. Those surfing the web, downloading or streaming content and using video experience a faster battery drain.

Here’s how it works

mychargeLithium polymer batteries power this device and give it the power-up you need for a longer charge. What makes it interesting is that magnets connect the charger to any iPhone 12 or above phone. This is common with myCharge’s MagSafe, and the magnet easily connects to any MagSafe-certified case. There are also a handful of MagSafe compatible cases that will also work when using this charger.

An interior raised coil keeps it from getting especially warm, which is a common problem with other wireless chargers. This can make them uncomfortable to keep in your pocket.

mychargeAnother special feature of the myCharge MAG-LOCK Superhero Wireless for iPhone 12 and 13 is that you can simultaneously charge other devices. A USB-C port in the device allows you to connect other things. Included in the box is the USB cable, but you will have to use your own wall adapter. The adapter that comes with your iPhone would work just fine. When charging via the USB cable, the charging speed more than doubles. If you are in a hurry or are close to a wall outlet, it is best to use the cable. But, knowing you can power up remotely at any time is always a good feeling.

This is great for long flights, train rides, car rides or bus rides when you are not certain there will be a charging port. It also works well for long meetings or all-day conferences where the limited power outlets may already be taken. No one wants to be that person sitting on the floor by a distant wall outlet working. This device will save the day.

What I liked

I appreciated that the devices are scratch and stain resistant. This is especially important for frequent travelers that put their devices through a lot of us use. Also, since these connect to your iPhone via a magnet, they are always visible. A clean-looking charger is more presentable if using this in front of clients or during a meeting.

The magnet is incredibly strong and you can grip the charger without even holding your iPhone. I was even able to use it to prop up the phone for Zoom meetings while it was still charging remotely.

The benefit of having a wireless charger is that you do not need to worry about carrying cables or stringing them across a room. While this charger is not a case in itself (the way some charging cases are), it provides an impressive and fast charge. That is more than what charging cases are able to provide, which is why this is a bit heftier than the average charging case.

Just in time for the new iPhone 13, the myCharge MAG-LOCK Superhero Wireless for iPhone 12 and 13 comes in multiple colors. This means that you can choose the color that looks best with your own iPhone color or case. The 6000mAh model (which lasts for 32 hours) retails for about $60 online. There are other capacity amounts depending on your needs (3000 mAh, 16 hours, $50 and 9000 mAh, 48 hours, $70). All three make an ideal holiday present or stocking stuffer.

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