Let me be honest – I’m not a guy that buys a lot of personal care products.  In fact, most of the time I use whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower, my old standard shaving cream and frankly that’s about the end of it.   That all changed 3 weeks ago when Truman’s Gentlemen Groomers sent me their complete men’s grooming line.  At first, I was intimidated by 8 separate products –

  • Shave Cream
  • Aftershave Balm
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Facial Scrub
  • Hair Paste
  • Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Lip Balm

For a guy that doesn’t use moisturizers,  aftershave or face scrubs that’s a lot of product to test but my wife was excited for me to try them so I agreed to give it a try.   Rising to the challenge the next morning I started with the facial scrub.

Right away I noticed the light peppermint scent (which I came to realize is part of most of the line) having never used a face scrub I was amazed at how great it felt.  I tried the Shampoo next and immediately realized it’s the best men’s shampoo I had ever used.  Finishing up with the Facial cleanser I got out of the shower feeling like a new man.

Having used the same shaving cream for 20 years or so I was skeptical that I would notice any difference with Truman’s Shave Cream but with the first pass of my razor, I realized that I had been missing out on the best shave of my life.

Not only was my shave closer than normal my skin felt great.  I finished up with the Aftershave Balm and Moisturizer and for the first time in my life, I understood why my wife was excited for me to try Truman’s products – my skin felt and frankly looked amazing.

The hair paste was the same quality and has a great dispenser that is way better than the normal tin.  That day I got compliments from 2 female co-workers that I looked great that day. Now I am hooked and the only real problem is I have a Costco pack of my old shaving cream under my sink that I need to find a use form

Why Your Wife Wants You To Buy It

As a woman, I often purchase high-quality skin care products because they work. That is the best part about the Truman Gentleman’s Groomers line for men, it works. Personally, I couldn’t get this to my husband fast enough and immediately unpacked it, placed the products in the shower and around the sink to encourage use.

The smell is fresh and inviting.

The smell is fresh and inviting while being masculine. I have a visceral reaction to the overly fragrant items from the drugstore and some even spike some asthma attacks. The fragrance of these products is a little minty. Now, don’t go thinking cinnamon pine cones during the fall.

No one should smell like that! The Truman Gentleman’s Groomers scent should be put into every product for men.

Softer Skin

My husband’s skin is noticeably softer and healthier looking. We spend many many hours outside hiking, surfing, and biking with our kids and as we all know, the sun does some major damage to our body’s #1 line of defense. So why not take care of it?

With the increased hydration of his skin, sunscreen spreads and stays on better, there are fewer knicks with the shaving blade and it’s a lot easier to land some kisses on cheeks and lips.

Thicker Hair

The shampoo and conditioner from the Truman Gentlemen’s Groomers are worth purchasing on their own. Once your wife finds out it will thicken her hair better than that expensive salon stuff (and for half the cost) your supply will quickly diminish.

The clean and pepperminty scent invigorates the pores while it cleanses the scalp and smooths the hair follicle. Man-buners unite, this product will keep your mane on point!

Pucker Up, Handsome!

The lip balm is delicious as well. Lightweight and matte finish, it is easily applied to your kisser and maintains healthy lips or heals the sun, cold and dehydration exposed lips. Keep it on your person and use prior to the increase in welcomed kisses!

I highly recommend Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers as the best men’s skin and hair.

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