MIU Color Waterproof Outdoor Blanket For All Seasons – A Quick Review

MIU COLOR Picnic Blanket

A compact, travel-friendly, storable outdoor picnic blanket is a great item to have stashed in your car, tote bag, or backpack, during every season.

MIU Color Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket
577 Reviews
MIU Color Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket

  • Large Enough For A Family Or Group.
  • Waterproof And Sand-Proof Bottom.
  • Easy To Clean By Wiping Down With A Damp Cloth.
  • Durable And Comfortable With Polyester Top And PVC Bottom.
  • Soft Foam Layer In-Between.
  • Easily Fits Into Bags, Backpacks, Glove Compartments, Etc.

And if it folds down into its own envelope-style storage system even after the first time you’ve used it, so much the better.

The MIU Color Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket delivers, offering travelers a go-to product that can be used as a blanket to sit on at festivals, in parks or camping sites, and in the car (to protect upholstery), and as a tablecloth outdoors.

We have put ours in our car, where it has been pulled out for camping trips and picnics all summer.

This fall, it will continue to be used as protection from the elements during rainy football games, then as an emergency blanket on winter road trips.

The MIU Color picnic blanket is 5’x6.5’, which I’ve found to be more than large enough to seat 3-4 adults comfortably.

When we use it on an outdoor picnic table, it covers the entirety of a standard-sized table and most of a long table.

When stored, folds into a compact 12.5”x7.5” for transport.

The nice thing is, there’s no stuff sack or extra bag (which I’d just lose). Instead, it folds into its own envelope-style sleeve, which velcros closed.

It’s made of 600D polyester and PVC, so it’s durable and can be wiped down easily when it gets food spills or dirt or mud.

It’s not too stiff to sit on (making it pretty comfortable), but still waterproof. It comes in a fun pineapple pattern. Best of all, it retails for $25, and can be found for only $16 on Amazon.

If you want something more substantial for the winter months, MIU Color also makes a fleece picnic blanket, which works well for cooler climates (but doesn’t double as well as a tablecloth).

MIU Color Fleece Picnic Blanket
7 Reviews
MIU Color Fleece Picnic Blanket

  • Comfortably Fits A Group Of 5 Or More.
  • Perfect For Your Next Adventure Or Family Outing.
  • Effortlessly Folds Into A Compact Handbag Size.
  • Fleece So Soft, You Won’t Want To Get Up.
  • Underside Is Waterproof, Dirt Resistant, And Easy To Clean Simply By Rinsing With Water.

The fleece blanket is nice for camping trips, or to stash in the car on ski trips to give you more space to spread out gear on the ground or sit kids down onto to get ski boots fitted, and is only $22 on Amazon. It comes in a plaid pattern.


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