This Thule Subterra bag is great for those that alternate travel plans between longer trips where you need to check bags with quick weekend hops where a carry-on bag is enough. The way this bag works is that it can convert between a larger checked duffel, but part of the bag separates if you just want to use it as two smaller carry-ons.

The large interior is similar to many sports bags with wide space and a soft nylon shell that allows you to stuff it quite full. When using it as a carry-on, there’s a handle that retracts from the back of the bag so you can roll it on its two, oversized wheels. Since the bag has a soft shell, you come to appreciate the larger wheels since smaller ones can get caught on pebbles and drag. The back panel is crafted from polycarbonate, which adds to the sturdy structure.

There’s also a hook that allows you to add another smaller bag to the top and drag it around. Even if you don’t add another bag, there’s a small pocket for keys or coins, but be careful about checking your bag with valuables in there. Another great feature of the soft shell is that it fits easily into car trunks or overhead bins since it can squeeze in places.

I liked that there were straps that reach across the zipper for added protection to keep the bag together in case the zipper snags; it also keeps the contents tight and protected. Another feature that I liked is that it is more lightweight than a hard-shell bag, which is important when airlines start weighing bags to charge extra fees. There’s a separate compartment where you can separate shoes or dirty clothes from everything else.

This is a great bag for durability and flexibility and retails for $370 on the Thule website.


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