Best Travel Pants: 34 Heritage Charisma Pants, Shorts and Dish Denim

Finding a pair of pants that travel well is incredibly difficult.  Most of the “travel” pants have lots of pockets, zippers and such but frankly, they just aren’t very comfortable

Charisma Pant

34Heritage sent me their new relaxed thigh twill Charisma pants.  The second I put them on I realized they were going to be one of my favorite pants.  The fabric is an amazing blended twill with a soft velvety feel (I know not manly, but darn is it comfortable)

I recently wore the Charisma’s on a cross-country flight and the only way I could have been more conformable is if I had been in sweat pants.

The pants look great, far better than most of the travel pants I review.  The ones I got were the Horizon Twill color and my wife loves the look of them.

 They dress up great with a blazer but still look good with sneakers and a t-shirt.

Nevada Shorts

I love the Nevada shorts as well, they are constructed of the same great fabric and I can say from experience they are fairly stain resistant (thank you 4 year old).

Now that the weather is finally getting nice here in Idaho I have found myself grabbing these shorts for neighborhood events since they look a lot nicer than my standard issue dad cargo shorts.

In all, I have to say I love the 34Heritage collection, they aren’t cheap but they will last you a long time and are worth the investment.

Dish Denim

Ladies, two words: Dish Denim. Personally, I would rather try on bathing suits or explain the birds and the bees to my children than try on jeans. Then, Dish Denim arrived.

The color we tried is a silvery grey, skinny pant. Don’t let the skinny jean scare you, they are so comfortable and have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.

The Dish Denim pants have a decent amount of stretch in the fabric. I would suggest ordering a size smaller than you normally wear to ensure the best fit.

The pockets are an interesting net fabric that doesn’t compete with the fabric of the jean allowing them to stay in place. The fabric is also specially constructed to prevent travel stench.

I tested this out by wearing them on my travel day to New Orleans, to one of the conference days where we walked about 2 miles around the convention center and about 3 in town.

I can happily report that the pants held their shape, were easily spot cleaned and did not have any weird smells following their adventures.

I was worried about the Dish Denim skinny fit on the airplane as I am one who swells when traveling for long flights. The stretchy fabric provided enough compression from the swelling without given me the sausage casing look.

For styling, I rolled the tapered leg up to wear with my Timberland Chelsea Booties and paired them with a little black blazer.

During site seeing adventures, I unrolled the leg, put on my converse and a loose tank top. Dish Denim is a great pant in various colors and styles that can be dressed down or dressed up for any trip or meeting.

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