HeadPeace headbands are a lightweight, ethically made headband that will become a daily staple in your wardrobe. Whether you are running, shopping, or just getting the kids through the drop off line at school, the HeadPeace headbands will make it look like you have your life together.

The 96% Rayon and 4% spandex blend makes sure your HeadPeace band stays in place without becoming uncomfortable. Other bands on the market have plastic strips to help them “stay in place” but in all reality, they are destroying your hair at it’s base and can cause headaches. In addition, how are they absorbing any sweat with all that plastic? The material is easy to hand wash and quick to dry for traveling. The HeadPeace headband fabric does not have any anti-odor materials woven into them so being able to wash them on the go is necessary.

HeadPeace Headbands are gentle on your hair, making it great for all hair types and absorbs any sweat from hiking, biking and pushing that Costco cart around. I like that the band can be worn as its 2″ wide form or you can expand the tri fold fabric to get more coverage. This is great for wearing under helmet. Forget your mask? The original band can be used as a single layer face cover. The HeadPeace headbands do not have any anti-stink materials in them

The variety of prints allows you to express your mood or dress up any outfit. I have the Tropical Breeze print and find that it is neutral enough to wear with almost anything. There’s over 18 prints to choose from!

Ethically Made in Nepal

Headpeace headbands are made in Nepal at an ethical garment manufacturer called purnaa. The employees of Purnaa have come from a variety of unkind backgrounds to include sex trafficking, abusive relationships, or may have suffered from extreme discrimination due to their gender, caste or religion. Employees of purnaa are paid a living wage and provided with on the job training and opportunities for personal growth within the organization.

More Than Just Headbands

Headpeace also makes a tie version of the headband, lightweight hats, masks and a kid-sized headband that would be perfect for sports. The original headband retails for $14.00 and free shipping is available for orders over $29. Returns and exchanges are free.

Headpeace gear can be found on their website. We recommend these for the person on the go, the athlete, the student and the friend. Check out our interview with owner, Lindsay HERE.

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