What happens with the scraps of garment production, or even from those clothing items that remain, after shoppers have chosen their favorites? More and more brands are finding ways to use as much as possible from the production process, making useful, long-lasting products out of items that would otherwise be discarded.


ReFleece takes used outdoor performance wear with a small bit of damage like a small tear, blown seam, or broken zipper that would condemn each piece to the trash—and divert those items from the waste stream to upcycle into new products, like the ReFleece Favorite Reusable Tote Bag. The goal is to conserve resources and reduce some of the 13 million tons of waste from American textile production that ends up in landfills every year.


ReFleece partners with companies like Gore-Tex, Polartec, Simms, Kleen Kanteen, Bureo, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and Woolrich.

The Favorite Reusable Tote Bag measures 14 inches tall by 5 inches deep and 14 inches wide. It’s made from reclaimed Gore-Tex jacket fabric, a lightweight, waterproof fabric that repels liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through. That makes the tote bag sturdy and lightweight. It packs into its own internal pocket, making it super easy to pack away in small spaces. Pack the tote into your carry-on for extra needs like grocery shopping, souvenirs, or even use it as your daily bag while traveling or at home.


When using the tote bag, that interior zip pocket is ideal for keeping your small items—like wallet, keys, and phone—safe. The bag is fully reversible, for those occasions when you don’t want to stand out.


Each Favorite Reusable Tote Bag comes from the original garments from which it was made, so the colors will vary. Currently, each color choice is in one of two ranges: fresh green and sunrise red. They list for $46 on the ReFleece site.

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