MasterPan Multi-Section Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Skillet

The MasterPan Multi-Section Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Skillet is a unique kitchen tool that allows you to prepare more than one thing on the grill at the same time. With multiple compartments, you can scramble eggs and fry bacon at the same time without having to juggle multiple things on the stove top. What a clever idea, and I am surprised this has not been thought of before.

Another great use of this is that people that live in city studios with smaller kitchens can prepare multiple things without wasting time. It is a great gift for those that like to go camping and prepare food over a fire or those that like to go on picnics.

The skillet is sizable enough to make several servings of food, but it is not meant to be a replacement for cooking a meal for the entire family. It only needs one burner to prepare food since the heavy-duty metal base is meant to distribute the heat evenly to all sides and sections of the pan.

Still, some people report that they find that does not always happen, but I suspect that depends upon the strength of the burner being used. That means it is more likely to happen when cooking over a fire than a strong kitchen gas top stove. The center section of the pan is the hottest and is said to be between 15 and 20 percent warmer than other areas of the skillet making it ideal for things that need more heat when cooking. The side chambers are meant for things that need less energy like vegetables.

If you want to keep food warming after you are finished cooking, you can put it in the oven as it is safe up to 350 degrees. It is made from 100% die cast aluminum with a Xylan Plus coating and has an energy efficient base.

When I tested out the pan, it was great to be able to fry an egg and bacon at the same time while also warming up a side of vegetables and making a small grilled cheese on the other side of the skillet. I also experimented with preparing fried rice for the first time. The best part was that when I was finished preparing the meal, it took just a minute to clean up since I only had one pan to clean.

It can cook everything from eggs and vegetables to grilled meat and seafood. Its aluminum surface is meant to distribute the heat evenly. Despite its material, the pan is rather lightweight so even when it is packed with food, it is still easy to carry around the kitchen. Technically, you could also use it as a serving dish directly on the table if you like your food piping hot, but be careful to only use the handle when eating from it.

It has a non-stick surface, which makes it easy to cook a variety of things and then wipe clean when you are finished. Another great feature, especially for not-so-great cooks like myself, is that it is stain resistant so there is no need to worry about burn marks on the surface. It can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It does appear that it can scratch easily if you scrape metal utensils across the surface.

This all-purpose fry pan makes a great gift and it takes up very little space since it is really like five pans in one. It’s a great gift for college students or those that are usually cooking for solo meals. The MasterPan Multi-Section Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Skillet retails for $49.95 the MasterPan website, on Amazon, or other retail websites.

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