Keep Your Pup Pal Comfy With Klymit Moon Dog Bed

When you go camping, does your canine best friend take over your inflatable sleeping pad, leaving you on the hard ground? Dogs aren’t always the most thoughtful sleepers, often preferring the most comfortable spot for themselves. And even when your pup doesn’t steal your cushion, you want to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible.

So why not get your buddy her own sleeping pad? My Labradork recently tested out the Klymit Moon Dog Bed.

Klymit’s taken its signature body mapping technology for humans and used it for its first dog bed, for a lightweight, inflatable lounge for your furry pal. It packs down small, so you can toss it in a backpack or car trunk and hardly take up any room. And it’s easy to inflate, so you’re not spending all night huffing and puffing when you could be snoring.

The bed’s durable laminated polyester fabric protects against abrasion and moisture, and the removable polyester cover is machine washable and has a soft fleece top and puncture resistant bottom. There’s even a spot to write your dog’s name so other dogs can easily tell whose it is and will think twice about stealing it. Who am I kidding—dogs don’t care.

My rescue dog tested the bed out on a recent trip to Mendocino, and she’s been obsessed with it ever since. It now serves as her day bed on the back deck at home.

The Moon Dog Bed is available in both small/medium ($69.95) and medium/large ($99.95) sizes. My dog is about 55 pounds, and she loves the medium/large size, which gives her a little extra room to sprawl after a long day of adventures. Both beds are available beginning June 2019, and it’s possible to pre-order now, on the Klymit site.


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