Overalls have been a staple in my life since I was little. My Grandfather could always be found in his Oshkosh denim overalls on his farm. I even wore a pair of overalls throughout Highschool. I was excited to get a call from KAVU and check out their San Blas Overalls, especially with the arrival of summer.

San Blas Overalls

The Fit

The fit is as one would expect from overalls, they run a little big. But isn’t that the point? San Blas Overalls bring stylish, fun prints to to clothing mostly worn for comfort. You can find them in black, explore and greenhouse print. I have the explore print and it screams, “take me to the mountains!”. In fact, I started to plan a trip to Yellowstone National Park JUST so I can wear my San Blas Overalls.

The legs of the San Blas Overalls end just beyond the knee and are absolutely adorable when you roll them up a little for more of a festival look. The fabric on the San Blas Overalls is a quick dry, 2-way stretch made up of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Forget those denim overalls, the San Blas won’t chaff your skin or take days to dry if you get caught up in a summer-time water balloon fight.

With everything that KAVU creates, there is always the element of design surprise. Paired with the adorable wildlife of the print, the webbed shoulder straps on the San Blas are bright and, while it shouldn’t work, the print pops off the earth tones of the wildlife to add pizzaz and individuality to the San Blas Overalls.

We have styled the San Blas Overalls from KAVU with a basic tank top and as a swimsuit cover. The quick dry material is perfect for boating and a day at the beach. The stash pockets on each side can even hold your favorite drink. Might we suggest our new favorite, boozie? You’re welcome. These vodka and spirit infused drinks are low in sugar and filled with fun flavors!

Summer Protection

Don’t forget to accessorize those peepers of yours while you are out and enjoying the summer sun! We highly suggest you grab yourself a pair of the Kaviators in in hot pink. The polarized and scratch resistant lenses will keep you cool and eyes ready for the bon fire and s’mores bing that is about to go down.

San Blas Overalls are selling out on sites across the internet so pick yours up soon. They retail for $85.00 on the KAVU website. All returns are welcomed as long as the item meets their return criteria. See website for more details.

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