Zenbivy has upped the car camping game with their new Zenbivy MotoBed. An all in one bedroll, the Zenbivy comes in its own carry bag and consists of a sheet with integrated mattress, a versatile rectangular quilt, and an ultra soft pongee pillow case for regular sized pillows.

Comforts Of Home While Camping

The Zenbivy MotoBed has a self inflating mattress paired with a firm foam pillow topper built in. You top off  the mattress to your desired level of support and close the valve to secure the air. The self-inflating mattress will then remember your setting and inflate to your desired firmness that next time without your help.

The valve of the self inflating mattress is reversible, a quick-dump valve and replaceable. When I was rolling the Zenbivy MotoBed up to put away, the quick-dump valve released all the air easily and efficiently so I could accomplish the always difficult task of getting the bag back into the carrying case.

Snuggle Up!

The genius in the Zenbivy MotoBed is the rectangular quilt that is zipped into place for sleeping and unzipped for lounging by the fire or early mornings by the water with hot coffee in your hands. The quilt is insulated with with Zenbivy’s 200g 3d XD Synthetic material and the liner that lays against you is their 50d Polyester Pongee. What does that mean to you and me? It’s soft and comfortable against the skin.

We have the XL size of the Zenbivy Motobed. The XL weighs in at just under 10 pounds and the mattress size is long! 78″ to be exact! The quilt on the XL Zenbivy MotoBed is my favorite because of the generous size. I feel like I’m at an expensive hotel all snuggled into plush feel and warmth of the quilt. Add the personalized comfort of the mattress and I will never not sleep on the ground again!

Kickstarter Campaign

Ready to sleep in comfort and style this season and many seasons going forward? Zenbivy MotoBed is available for “purchase” via Kickstarter. As always with Kickstarter, you can donate without a reward or you can donate at different levels for different levels of awards.

Options include:

*Donation of $299 or more

  • One Zenbivy MotoBed™, complete. Any size, any color. A savings of 28% off MSRP!

*Donation of $438 +

  • 2 Zenbivy MotoBeds™, complete. Any size or color. A savings of 31% off MSRP!

*Donation of $657+

  • 3 Zenbivy MotoBeds™, complete. Any sizer and color. A savings of 31% off MSRP

*Donation of $876+

  • 4 Zenbivy Motobeds™. Any size and color. We like to call this the Wolf pack- get everyone in your family a bag. While you’re at it, you should probably go with all the same color to save you from the fighting over who’s bag is who’s. We love the Green!

Colors and Ratings

The Zenbivy MotoBed will be available in 3 fun colors, Mocha, Red and Green. The MotoBed is limit rated for 35°F and comfort rated at 45°F. The coldest we figured it got while on our car camping trip was about 40°F and I was very comfortable in my MotoBed.

The mummy style of the pillow pocket also doubles as a head cover for the nights that are colder than expected. With your personal pillow in the provided Pongee pillow case, the fabrics move with each other while you sleep. A small pocket is at the head of the MotoBed and is large enough to hold a phone and chapstick or a small flashlight and tissues.

For now, the MotoBed is available only for preorder via the Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter campaign is active until September 10, 2020 so at the time of this review you have about 20 days to go.

Practical Travel Gear gives the Zenbivy MotoBed three ZZZs because that is exactly what you are going to get. Need something RIGHT NOW? Head over to Zenbivy’s website for their original light bed for summer.

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Safe and comfortable travels!