Camping with our family and making memories has always been a goal for us. But what happens when you are out in the wilderness, enjoying nature and not able to sleep. That combination makes for one angry momma bear.

After reading about the Zenbivy 2-piece design, I was excited to trial the hybrid sleeping bag that promises to bring a good night sleep while you are under the stars. When the box arrived, my oldest actually said, “I think someone sent you air”. The whole system is incredibly light. The Zenbivy Bed weighs in at 2 lbs, 5 oz and the light version comes in at 1 lb 13oz.

Zenbivy is an innovative sleep system designed to keep you warm and comfortable while reducing the constriction of a traditional mummy bag. The innovated construction of the Zenbivy allows you to attach the fitted sheet to rectangular or tapered mattresses. I have a tapered mattress from Thermarest that I love.

Comfort All Night

The design of the fitted sheet allows for you to toss and turn without losing your mattress. A convenient stow pouch at the top of the Zenbivy bag allows you to store a head lamp, phones, snacks or protective spray. The mummy design of the hood keeps your camping pillow in place. This is essential when traveling with small children or anyone who tosses and turns all night. Zenbivy makes two pillows for their sleep systems, the Zenbivy Pillow and the Zenbivy Light. Both are available as add-ons on their website.

The hooded flat sheet of the Zenbivy is soft, almost microfiber-like. When attached to a mattress, it moves with the material of the mattress instead of against it.

Removable Quilt

What makes the Zenbivy stand out from the competitors is the quilt of the Zenbivy bag.  Constructed from the same high quality materials of the fitted sheet, the quilt can be personalized to the camper’s needs.

The camper will find full access zippers on either side of the fitted sheet and quilt. Thus, allowing the camper the opportunity to have either their right or left leg out of the bag for additional temperature control.  If sleeping with your whole leg exposed is too much, the convertible foot box allows the sleeper to expose one, or two feet. I was hesitant about the hybrid system as it usually means the comfort or warmth has been compromised to make the bag lighter. I am happy to report the Zenbivy Bed effortlessly combines the mattress and warmth for a more restful night.

While resting at the campsite, one can remove the quilt from the whole fitted sheet system, throw it in your day pack and use it at the top of the summit with a hammock or as a picnic blanket.

The 20d Nylon Taffeta of the Zenbivy is soft and pliable, allowing you to really curl up in it. The fill is a 700 fill-power HyperDRY fluorocarbon free water-resistant 80/20 duck down that ensure a dry night’s sleep, even if you forgot the rain cover on the tent.

Find The Right Fit

A sizing chart is located on the Zenbivy website and it is a great tool for choosing your size. We have the large size so we can accommodate anyone in the family. In our house, first tent up gets to choose their sleeping bag. As soon as the children discovered they could curl up in the quilt while the morning fire was being built, it quickly became a family favorite. What they don’t know is that mom has been practicing setting up the tent while they’ve been at school. The Zenbivy will be mine this year. A good night’s sleep is riding on it.

The Zenbivy bag can be found on their website and starts at $279.00.

Safe Travels!

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