Zenbivy has added to its arsenal of great products with the Zenbivy Dry Sack and Compression Caps. Both made from the same quality materials and construction we have come to expect from Zenbivy, we are excited to push them to their limits for this review.

Dry Sack

Zenbivy Dry Sacks come in three sizes and colors. Dry Sacks are available in 7L, 10L and 15L and each size is available in your choice of three colors: Mango, Fire Red and Deep Sea Blue. Like the primary colors they are modeled after, Zenbivy is a product line that we rely on to make all our colorful adventures happen.

Our family loves to paddle down the river close to our house. This trip usually ranges from 5-7 hours depending on our put-in so taking food with us is incredibly important. The 7L has proven to be our favorite food storage bag while on the river. The 15L is always packed with our towels and sunscreen to ensure they dry when we reach our destination or for lunch stops along the river bed.

The roll down top with a rubberized strip ensures we will have dry towels, provisions and when the food is gone, the 7L holds all the trash so we don’t contribute to the pollution in our water ways. The bags are easily inverted and sprayed clean and dried before storing. We attach the Dry Sacks to our paddle boards using a carabiner and with all the inevitable dumps off the boards, we have yet to lose a bag or arrive with wet gear.

The colors are deeper and richer than what is pictured on the site. I happen to be a big fan of the Deep Sea Blue! Whether you are working on your ultralite camping game or a family who is looking to escape the house, Zenbivy’s Dry Sacks can make sure all your goods come with and stay clean and dry.

Compression Caps

Like Prince Charming to Cinderella the Compression Caps are the perfect companion to the Dry Sacks. The Compression Caps come in corresponding sizes to the Dry Sacks (7L, 10L, 15L) and aid in space making.

In our house, the Compression Caps help to minimize the size of the Dry Sacks and make them stackable when piling all our gear into the car or totes. Even if the 15L bag isn’t stuffed full, the compression sack creates a flat bottom and top for stacking and storing. The compression straps allows us to easily customize the size of the bag throughout the trip.

The Compression Caps are made from the same 30D ripstop Nylon that is found in the Dry Sacks. The only change I would love to see is for the bottoms of the Compression Caps to have a bit more grip to them when we are stacking them together. The 30D Nylon can be slick but there is a Velcro strap to secure the Dry Sack to the Compression Cap.

The website refers to the Air Dump Valve as sounding like a duck and our black lab would have to agree! Anytime we used our sacks, he comes racing around the corner hoping to meet up with a fowl.

Together, the Dry Sacks and Compression Caps weigh in at about 5 ounces on any combination of bag and cap. Dry Sacks are perfect for pre-packing or leaving empty and filled along the way. Easily rolled up and stored in a water sleeve, in the brain of your pack or stored in a day pack for trash collection, the Dry Sacks and Compression Caps are incredibly versatile and deserve a spot in your gear bag.

Where to Buy

Dry Sacks retail for $25 and Compression Caps for $19. They can be purchased on the Zenbivy website. Each piece of gear we test for Zenbivy is always better than the last and we cannot wait for you to experience all this brand as to offer.

Safe Travels!