Two New Go-Tos: PackTowl and Platypus Duolock Soft Bottle

With the world in chaos due to COVID19, I have been seeing an uptick in the adventures my friends and families are taking. This also rings true in our own house. We are trying to explore as much of our state as safely and as much as our mental health needs. We have added two pieces of gear that have become essential for our family’s travel.


Wether we are exploring new sand bars on the river bank or playing in the sprinklers, the PackTowl has become a staple for our water play. For starters, the fabric is very soft and is a blend of 85% polyester and 15% nylon. The PackTowl is able to absorbs 4x its weight in was and dries 70% faster than its cotton counterpart. The model we have is the Alpine Reflections print in the Body Size. Body sixe is 25 x 545 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces.

The PackTowl is available in 4 handy sizes and makes for a great day on the water! The Face Size is 10 x 14 inches and less than 1 ounce, the Hand is 16.5 x 36 ounces and is just under 3 ounces in weight and the largest size, the Beach is 36 x 59 ounces and weighs 9.7 ounces.

PackTowls are available in 13 different colors and bright vibrant prints for everyone in your family. If you are like me, I like to have a set of towels set aside for everyone- mostly to preserve my towels and keep the kids and dog germs off of it. With the prints available in each size, I can safely mark my towels from the mix and save my sanity!

The PackTowls are easy to hang over a tree branch or hang up by the snap loop located at the top corner

of the PackTowl. Each body size comes with its own storage pouch. Don’t fret about the odor- The PackTowl has Polygiene silver-ion to keep the towel fresher, longer. When you’re back home and ready, the towels are machine washable.

PackTowls are available on their website and a small selection is available on


Platypus 1.0 liter Duolock Soft Bottle

Oh Platypus! How we love thee! If you haven’t jumped on the Platypus backpacking bandwagon yet, this is your official invitation to join the club. Welcome.

We recently tested the new 1.0 soft bottle from Platypus and have been VERY pleased with its performance both at home on the road with us. After taking it with us to raft the Cabarton in Idaho, I was hooked…er, was it hooked to me? The Duolock soft bottle has a clip gate handle that is ideal for adventure.

For rafting, I clipped it to the center handles for a quick refreshment and to ensure that it would be there if we flipped the raft. The clip is easily to release and and even easy to attach the soft bottle to back pack, belt loop or use as a carrying handle.

For hiking, the Duolock soft bottle makes for an ideal back up bottle to our bladders. When empty, the bottle easily rolls up and can be tucked away in you pack or pocket. The Duolock cap is secure and won’t unscrew or flip open on you. This is especially important when you’ve filled the soft bottle with wine and you need to make sure it will make it to the campsite. If you’re headed out for a multi night trip, don’t hesitate to fill up the 2.0L bottle!

Both the bottle and removable lid are top shelf dishwasher safe. The Duolock soft bottle has become my go to water bottle in the morning. I fill it up the night before, place in the fridge and then grab it on my way out to the hospital. I will bring this water bottle in with me to the break room because I can sanitize it through the dishwasher.

The Duolock Soft Bottle is available in 8 color ways to please everyone in the house, or just match to your mood. It is offered in three sizes: .75/1.0/2.0L. The Duolock soft bottle can be found on the Platypus website and a small selection of Platypus gear can be found on Amazon.

Additional reviews of Platypus can be found HERE

Safe Travels!

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