Created by Masaya Hashimoto, the Vibram® Furoshiki wrap shoe is sure to impress. Whether you are on the barefoot bandwagon or not, the Vibram® Furoshiki will wrap you in comfort and convince you to come to the minimalist side. I hear they have cookies.

Come to the dark side of Vibram® Furoshiki

New for 2018, are bright and inviting colors with a redesigned form and toe box. The wrapping of the sole around the foot will ensure you have an anatomical fit with every user. The “wings” if you will, are attached from the toe to just in front of the heel.

Once the wraps are opened, the Vibram® Furoshiki shoe resembles a ballet slipper, but with attitude. Lightweight, full tread on the bottom and a narrow profile. Once wrapped around the top of the foot and secured, the fabric on the wings stretches without cutting off circulation. The nylon blend allows moisture wicking and breathability.

  • Inspiration from Japanese tradition of wrapping, carrying and holding objects in cloth.
  • Improved for 2018!  Sleeker, more stylish fit.  More functional design. Better Sole Construction.
  • Multi-fit with anatomic shape and Vibram grip offering a stretch upper to fit perfectly.
  • Now Sized uniquely to Men and Women Specifically.
  • Easy on, easy off – take Furoshki anywhere. Before and after your activity, wrap and go!
  • Low density Vibram outsole for weight reduction.
  • Material Construction: 28% Elastane (Stretch Rubber / Lycra), 72% PA (polyamide & nylon)

Travel Shoes

The Vibram® Furoshiki are ideal for travel. Easy on and off for airports, the adjustable wings create a custom fit for inflight swelling. The 5mm sole provides enough grip that they would be a great option for traveling on cobblestone streets to hiking and running through the jungles of Costa Rica. The Vibram® Furoshiki shoes come in their own travel case or roll them up and place in your extra water bottle holder of your backpack. The Vibram® Furoshiki could suffice as the one shoe for your adventure with its versatility.

Vibram® Furoshiki compared to my trail runners

Great for walking, hiking, biking, camping, sightseeing, dancing, water sports (although not advertised for it), and running. Step in something less favorable? Vibram® Furoshiki are machine washable. Please air-dry as the heat from your dryer may shrink the soles.

I normally wear a 7-7.5 women’s shoe. With the European sizing of the Vibram® Furoshiki, I wear a 38 and the shoes fits perfectly. I would suggest ordering your normal size and not sizing up with these wrap shoes. Vibram® Furoshiki shoes are also sized for men and women specifically.

I can see how they would easily become floppy or hard to walk in if the fit was off. Vibram® Furoshiki should fit like a sock, close to the skin. Don’t let the snugness of the shoes deter you from running in the Vibram® Furoshiki. The toe box allows you to run without cramping your toes and the minimal sole encourages the foot to feel the ground. I choose to wear mine without socks.

You’ve heard me speak to minimal shoes before and the more your foot can feel, the better your brain can prepare for the terrain and the safer your foot placements will be.

Winter Weather Options

The Original Vibram® Furoshiki is perfect for warmer weather. When the rainstorms and winter weather hits, you can maintain your minimal shoe choices with the Mid Boot and High Boot choices from Vibram.

For everywhere you go and everything you do, there’s Furoshiki!”

Vibram® Furoshiki 100% Guaranteed

Within 6 weeks of purchase: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on regularly priced Vibram FiveFingers and Furoshiki.

Within 90 days of purchase: Returns and exchanges of NEW or DEFECTIVE merchandise.

Safe Travels!