GSI Outdoors’ booth is always a favorite place to look through and hear about the new products at the Outdoor Retailer Show. This year was no exception. We’ve picked out 2 new favorites and will update you the on the Bugaboo Cups in this review.

GSI Outdoors

Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass

Much like your favorite stainless steel coffee mug, the Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass from GSI Outdoors is comprised of durable 304/18-8 stainless steel. You can rest assured that your Rose won’t spoil on you with the double wall construction. They are there to protect the temperature of your drink. The interior walls are even Electro-etched so help support the bouquet of your wine.

Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass

Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass

Spilling your drink is No Beuno! and GSI Outdoors has put a lid on it. A clear sipping lid fits snuggly on top and prevents wasteful splashing. In our house, that is considered alcohol abuse and you will not be served a second.

The weight of the Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass is 6.2oz and will hold 10 fl. ounces of your drink of choice. Pick one up for you and a friend for $12.95 each.

The Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass is perfect for a festival, outdoor theatre, car camping or simply sitting in your backyard admiring your view. Don’t forget to include one with a bottle of your favorite libation as a gift!

Coffee Rocket

I have a coffee cup at home that says, “Not until my coffee” and this is something I live by. So, imagine the extent we’ve gone to for camping coffee. On one of our very first trips out, my husband brought the coffee pot with us so we could plug it into the car and make coffee in the morning. When the car wasn’t powerful enough, it was then attached to a friend’s generator. That coffee pot quickly became good for recycled parts after that experience.

Thankfully, GSI Outdoors has developed the incredibly lightweight Coffee Rocket. Weighing in at only 2.1oz. the pour-over coffee maker is your camp coffee problem solver!

Caffeine addicts rejoice!

The grey colored drip cone has a removable stainless steel filter. The Coffee Rocket drip cone can handle 8 ounces of fluid at a time. The filter is designed to hold 3.5 fl. oz of medium ground coffee. I personally suggest any roast from the fine ladies at Lady Flacon in Seattle, WA.

The filter full of your sweet, dark grounds is then placed into the water hopper. The teeth on the GSI Outdoors water hopper ensures the Coffee Rocket doesn’t slip off your vessel while you prepare your camp coffee. The three arms on the Coffee Rocket collapse in to ensure optimal compactness and pack-ability. Happiness for only $9.95!

We do suggest the Glacier Stainless Camp Cup or for additional lightweight and ultralight camping, the Bugaboo 14 fl. oz. Cup. More to come on that one!

Bugaboo Cup

Bugaboo Cups and Coffee Rocket

Bugaboo 14 fl. oz. Cup

We have covered and coveted these bright and cheerful cups before! For 2019, GSI Outdoors has updated their colorways for the Bugaboo 14 fl. oz. Cup.  and included a vibrant blue and a calming celery green. With collapsible handles that double as an attachment point, the aluminum Bugaboo 14 fl. oz. cup only weighs in at 1.8 oz.

The stamped graduations in the cup are ideal for measuring out the 8 ounces of water needed for the Coffee Rocket. Bugaboo 14 fl. oz. cup retails for $9.95. Check out our past review HERE

The products listed above can be found on the GSI Outdoors website. Past reviews of GSI Outdoor products by our field testers can be found HERE.

Safe Travels!