I’m tired of adventure socks that slip and those that don’t dry quickly, so I recently ditched a bunch of them and made room for better socks in my drawer. I’m always happy to test out new socks, because I truly believe I’ll find my favorite—one that I’ll buy in a variety of colors and wear them until they think out and I need to buy replacements. Some of my recent favorites are the Swiftwick Flite XT Trail socks.


The newly-launched Flite XT Trail line combines natural merino wool and GripDry Fiber (micro treads incorporated into the heel and forefoot of the sock to provide traction and grip inside your shoe) with stability technology for your outdoor trail adventures. Merino wool is well-known to help regulate temperature and odor so your feet can stay comfortable and fresh. The merino wool combined with Swiftwick’s signature hydrophobic Olefin fiber footbed maximizes the sock’s moisture-wicking capabilities, to keep your feet dry and blister free.


That footbed provides a little cushion to your feet without affecting the breathability of the fabric, and the thinner merino layer on top helps to keep your feet cool while you’re out on the trail.


Strong elastic around your ankles (AnkleLock Technology) provides support and stability on varying terrains. That’s especially helpful for hikers and trail runners, but even street runners can use this kind of assistance. There’s also an arch band support that provides gentle support and keeps your sock in place, instead of slipping.


Swiftwick is so proud of their socks that they guarantee they are the best socks you’ll ever wear.


The Flite XT Trail socks come in two and five cuff heights, priced at $23.99 and $26.99, respectively. All available on the Swiftwick site.