During this time of lockdown and staged openings of our states, many of us are turning to the outdoors more than ever for a much needed break. Rackle Shoes has designed a natural, hemp upper shoe for your everyday adventures.

Named the Alex, the Rackle shoe comes in three beautiful colors, Blue Nights, Redwood, and Natural. For this review we are testing out the Alex in Natural. At first glance, the Alex is a great, basic shoe in style. One that you could easily wear with jeans, while boating and sightseeing and yet they could be dressed up with a pair of slacks for a casual dinner. The men’s version of the Rackle shoe is almost identical in shape.

Hemp Upper

The upper hemp weave of the shoe is constructed from 100% sustainable hemp. The natural element of the hemp allows the shoe to breathe and regulate heat while in use. Hemp is also naturally antimicrobial, extremely lightweight and water-resistant.

The Kulshan knit of the hemp upper is a timeless herringbone weave and helps to keep the clean lines of the Alex shoe.

Plexus Arch Technology

Look Ma! No socks.

Rackle shoes are designed with their proprietary Plexus Arch technology to keep your feet feeling fresh and healthy during wear. This technology uses raised ribs of EcoPure Foam to stimulate the bottom of the footbed where veins of the arch area meet during forward motion.

During the initial testing of the Rackle Alex shoe I made the conscience decision to not wear socks and give the Plexus Arch Technology my full foot attention. And, boy! was I pleasantly surprised! My feet felt great in the Alex and never did I feel that my feet were sweaty or slipping around in the Alex shoe. The toe bed (and I love a wide toe bed) allowed for full extension of my toes and I felt as if I was barefoot with the grip I was getting from the shoes.

After a full day at the lake, boating, walking, cleaning and driving I can safely say that these shoes are stink free! In fact, they still smell brand new. I have two boys who have the stinkiest feet so shoes that maintain a fresh smell is a life goal of ours.


The Rackle Alex shoe is also biodegradable. No, silly, it does not actively disintegrate while on your person, the Alex shoe is shown to breakdown over the period of 400+ days in an active landfill. However, when you have worn the Alex, you can feel good about sending them to the landfill knowing they will not contribute to the destruction the textile industry has done.

Who needs a pair of Alex shoes? Well, you are the first on our list. We also recommend the Rackle shoes to those who love to walk, sightsee, travel, stand for longer periods of time, love to adventure, will brave Costco and those who want to decrease their carbon footprint on this planet.

I could see the Rackle Alex shoe as your recovery shoe. Long bike rides or trail runs require some pretty technical shoes that don’t always aim to help your feet recover. The Alex is a great option for a post trail shoe that can get you to the tavern and help your feet recover.

In addition, the Rackle shoe only weighs 6 ounces! There’s a lot to these lightweight shoes! Rackle shoes are available on their website and no where else! 🙂 The Alex retails for $89.99. First time buyers recieve a 10% discount when you sign up for emails. All color ways are great and deserve a spot in your closet.

Safe Travels!