Get Your Campfire Started with Light My Fire Firelighting Kit Bio

Maybe you were in a scouting program as a kid, or perhaps you’ve watched every single wilderness survival reality TV show—and yet, you still rely on matches when you go camping. While matches speed the process of getting your campfire going, they’re not always reliable. They might get soggy. You might lose them. And then, what do you do? Go home?

The Light My Fire Firelighting Kit Bio is all you need to light a fire and get dinner started.

This kit includes a FireSteel fire starter, made from a durable magnesium alloy, that produces 5,400-degree-Fahrenheit concentrated sparks that works at all altitudes, in cold weather, and even when wet. The FireSteel is also safe to use with gas stoves and barbecues, and will last for approximately 3,000 strikes. There’s a built-in emergency whistle to use when the time calls for signaling fellow hikers.

Also included is a Tinder-on-a-Rope, made from sustainably sourced cultivated pine stumps with an 80-percent resin content, that lights even when wet. It has no chemicals, burns strong, and lasts for a long time. It’s far easier to use than trying to find and gather tinder to start a fire, unless you’ve really practiced after watching all those survival TV shows.

A bonus in the handy carrying bag is Grandpa´s FireFork, which attaches to practically any good stick. It’s made from stainless steel with a bio-based plastic cap, and is perfect for holding the food you want to cook—from marshmallows to hot dogs.  Just add the stick and get cooking.

This is a great kit to pack into your camping supplies for use whenever the mood strikes you to get out into the wilderness. Remember, though, not everywhere will allow open fires, so be respectful of local laws and regulations.

The Firelighting Kit Bio lists for $19.95 at REI.

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