Pacific Shaving Company All-Natural Shaving Oil

Since I use an electric shaver because it is easier when traveling, this Pacific Shaving Company All-Natural Shaving Oil has become a handy accessory. It comes in a small, travel-size bottle and fits into a TSA ziplock bag easily although frankly, even if you keep it in a suitcase pocket, they rarely pull it out!

I appreciate how well the lid seals closed so as not to prevent any oily spills in the bag. It’s recommended to apply a few drops of this to your face before shaving, but I find that it needs a bit more than a few to cover your whole face. Still, a small bottle lasts (shockingly) for as many as a year’s worth of shaves.

The snap-top lids are secure and tight, which prevent spillage when they are tucked into your briefcase’s toiletry kit.

Pacific Shaving also has nick sticks to heal any cuts or scrapes, but I rarely need it after using this oil first. It helps the razor to glide more smoothly across your face while making hairs stand up easier (that’s tough when you have pillow face following a jet-lagged night of sleep!). It also leaves your skin moisturized and well-conditioned.

There was no scent to the oil, and following my shave, there is no leftover residue. Pacific Shaving Company has numerous shaving products that are fairly priced and keep your skin softer while providing smoother shaves. They retail on Pacific Shaving’s website and on Amazon. The lack of redness after using these products keeps me interested in using them both on the road and at home.

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