If you’re going on a camping adventure or a day hiking trip, then you really only need a basic, yet high-quality flashlight. You don’t need anything fancy since you won’t be venturing too far away from civilization. As a result, either of these two flashlights will do you well:

511 Tactical Light for Life 

5.11 Light for Life P1 UC3.400 Flashlight
  • 11.5 in, 29.2 cm.
  • Diameter: 1 3/4 in, 4.5 cm.
  • Head Diameter: 2.75 in, 7 cm.
  • Charges in 90 Seconds.
  • Made from fire-Arm Grade High Strength Polymer.
Call this the king of all flashlights, because the 511 Tactical Light for Life is literally a life-saving flashlight. Aimed at EMT personal and police officers, the 511 Tactical is the fastest charging flashlight you’ll ever find. Seriously – in just 90 seconds the 511 Tactical charges to 100% and lasts for four hours of light.

It’s rated at 50,000 cycles of charging too. Multiple modes enable you to customize the power setting so you can adjust to the situation. The 511 Tactical doesn’t do anything special, but it’s an amazing flashlight that’s saved a lot of lives.

It’s well worth putting in your car or RV for emergencies.

Pelican 3310PL 

Lumens Pelican 3310PL LED Flashlight
77 Reviews
Lumens Pelican 3310PL LED Flashlight
  • Brand New 2016 Version – 378 Lumens.
  • LED incorporates photoluminescent technology.
  • Run time of 190 hours (low).
  • In stock and usually ships out same day.
  • 378 Lumens.
Ask any hunter or outdoorsman and they’ll tell you they’ve probably experienced some frustration in finding their flashlight at some point or another. The Pelican 3310PL makes it easy for you to find thanks to its’ glow in the dark shell.

It’s bright glow will ensure you find the flashlight immediately without the need to rummage through all of your things. The case is waterproof as well and you can use the light for several hours, albeit not quite as long as many of the other flashlights we recommend.

Best Multi-Purpose Flashlights

If you’re camping or hiking for an extended period of time, then you’re not going to want to lug around packs upon packs of batteries. Instead, you’ll want to use a flashlight that recharges itself.

Bracketron SmartLantern

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This basic, rechargeable flashlight is ideal for campers and outdoors men who just need a little bit of light. This durable, multi-functional device can illuminate spaces and provide emergency charging capabilities all at once.

According to the manufacturer, the SmartLantern can provide up to 48 hours of nonstop illumination. Alternatively, it can charge five electronic devices to their fullest ability without being charged. There’s nothing fancy about the SmartLantern – it’s just a great, high-quality, and multi-functional flashlight.

Bright SunBell Solar Lantern

Sunbell Solar Lamp & Phone Charger
  • An “all-in-one” solar lantern and cell phone charger.
  • High quality DC/DC USB adaptor that can be used with any mobile phone.
  • 1.8 W Solar panel with 3m/9ft cable rolled up in solar disc.
  • 3 High quality LEDs with adjustable light from 5 to 50 to 150 lumen.
  • 1 LiFePO battery, 1.400 mAh / 3.2V with 2,000+ cycles.

The Bright SunBell Solar Lantern is a solar lamp, a flashlight, a smart charger, and a SunBell all in one! This ultra-durable, multi-purposed lantern is perfect for any camping trip thanks to its’ quick-charging battery and large area of illumination.

Within four hours, the solar panel can fully charge the lantern, providing you with up to 100 hours of illumination. At the very brightest setting, the three LED bulbs will provide at least 4 hours of illumination.

Plus, it’s smart-setting automatically lowers the brightness setting to give you extended light until the sun comes up. This is perfect for car camping, for extended hiking trips, or even just in the emergency kit in your car.

Best Headlamps

When you’re hiking, you likely want to carry as few items in your hands as possible. This is why it seems like more people are relying on headlamps nowadays to illuminate the pathway in front of them.

Truthfully, headlamps are incredibly useful, and they can make life much easier. Here are some of our favorite headlamps:

INOVA STS Headlamp

Nite Ize Inova STS Headlamp
  • Multi-mode, dual LED color headlamp featuring a simple touch.
  • ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standards-Light Output.
  • 1 white high power LED featuring 5 modes.
  • 2 Red LEDs for preserving night vision that features 5 modes.
  • Multi-mode, dual LED color headlamp .

The INOVA STS headlamp is the first headlamp to use multi-mode, which enables you to adjust the headlamp to 5 settings- high, variable dim, medium, strobe, lockout. In addition, you can choose between 1 white LED or 2 red LEDs bulbs to illuminate the space in front of you.

It will take some time to get used to the settings, which are controlled by swiping a button at the top. Play around with it and you’ll get used to how to maneuver to get the settings you like. Best of all, it’s only around $35 and it’s perfect for morning runs, hikes, or adventures in the wilderness.

Fenix Compact Headlamp HL10 

Fenix HL10 Headlamp
  • Max 70 lumens output from a single AAA battery.
  • Three output options with up to 30 hour runtime.
  • Ultra light body weights less than 2 ounces and can be removed to tail stand light.
  • IPX-6 Waterproof, 1 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Supported by limited lifetime guarantee from Fenix Lighting, US.

The Fenix Compact Headlamp HL10 is perfect for when you’re hiking or walking in the pitch-black darkness. On its’ max setting, the HL10 puts out 70 lumens, which is well in line with some of the top-tier headlamps.

If you leave the lamp on high though it will only run for about 50 minutes, but on lower settings you can get 2-4 hours. What we really like about the lamp is that it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes underwater, which is great if you’re likely to encounter some water during your hiking adventure.

It retails for around $30 on Amazon or the official Fenix store, which is tremendous value given its’ excellent quality and high lumen output.

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