Elios Wanderer Solar Portable Charger 10000mAh

We rely on our mobile devices a bit too much, but in today’s world, it is hard not to do that. We are constantly on the go and needing to stay in touch with loved ones and colleagues. When you are traveling overseas, it can be hard to find convenient power outlets or the right type of outlet that fits your device. That’s why the new Elios Wanderer Solar Portable Charger can be the ideal backup so you don’t have to worry.

There are times where you are not able to keep a device close to a charger whether you are outside or moving from place to place. This solar charging device is brand new to the market. It comes with four solar charging panels that can be recharged when not in use. With two USB ports, you can also be charging your device while you are using it to keep it at maximum capacity all the time. You can also charge it by unfolding the solar panels and let Mother Nature do the work.

It works with many devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy among others. The power bank is narrow enough to fit into your pocket, and while it is not especially heavy, it will weigh down your jacket or pants, however. It easily fits into briefcase or purse pockets so you can carry it with you, and you can even hold it in your hand if needed to use the charging function.

I really liked the fabric finish on the outside that is less slick so it doesn’t slide off the table. It is also waterproof, which is great if a bottle of water leaks in your bag as is often the case with me (oops!). another clever feature of this device is that it can be used as a flashlight thanks to its powerful LED lighting.

There’s a unique interior function that keeps devices from overheating if you leave them charging too long. To completely power up the device, it takes 2.5 hours if you have let the battery drain completely.

Now to the coolest part. It has a GPS tracker that can follow your device in real time around the world. This can be helpful if it becomes lost or stolen although you would have to sync it with another device first so that you can follow it. The tracker gives details like the speed of travel of the device as well as an exact address. You can press an SOS button to send a panic alert to the phone in case it’s lost. You can input a message so that it shows up on the screen for someone to return it.

The ability to create a “geo fence” for a specific area allows you to receive an alert once the device leaves that area. What is unique to the tracking capability is that it functions on cell phone networks, wireless Internet networks, and Bluetooth. I really appreciate the safeguards that have gone into this product because as a frequent international traveler this gives me extra assurance. Families will feel the same way given the “geo fence” and tracking capability.

The Elios Wanderer Solar Portable Charger has 10,000 mAh of power capability and is brand new to the market. It retails for $75 on the Elios website or via online retailers. Personally, I have never seen a device that offers this dual setup of providing easily accessible charging and the ability to keep track if you become separated from it. This is a great present for those frequently on the go whether within a smaller area or globally.


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