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Waterproof sleeves Photo credit, Catalyst

Waterproof sleeves
Photo credit, Catalyst

Traveling with expensive laptops and tablets is a mainstay of modern-day life, and the opportunity for pricey equipment to become damaged is great. Luckily, the Catalyst waterproof sleeves provide foam-coated protection from both the elements and rough play when bags are jostled about in overhead bins or taxi cab trunks.

The slick exterior of these cases lets water or liquid drip off easily without entering the case, and they wipe clean with a towel. Straps at the top and side (adjustable as needed) are perfect for carrying the case like a slim messenger bag or over your shoulder for convenience. I found this a great way to slip my laptop into a larger bag without concern for it being damaged from spilled toiletries or a leaky bottle of water.

Another great use of these cases is when heading to the beach or pool. You can stash your tablets worry-free in a larger beach or tote bag. The same holds true for a gym bag, which may have a wet towel or clothes in it. This keeps your electronics protected in case that is as light as a feather.

Even without the straps, these sleeves could work as a standard carrying case. Another benefit for these cases is for carrying important documents that cannot get wet from rain. Headed to a big presentation? Then this case is safer than putting them in a typical messenger bag, which could still permit water seeping in from the seams.

Style mavens will have to make do with the singular color: black. Catalyst makes these sleeves in varying sizes: small enough for a tablet and large enough for a 15″ laptop computer. They retail for a fair price of between $40 and $55 on the Catalyst website or on Amazon depending upon the size and make great gifts for frequent travelers.