Tired of your flip-slops slipping around in the water? I hear you. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes for water activities for years, just for that reason.


I’ve just been testing out the Vibram V-Aqua women’s water shoes (which also happen to be  FiveFingers), and I feel like I can safely replace my old pair.


The shoes provide grip and protection in and around the water—especially when going barefoot isn’t the best choice (sea urchins, pebbles, and slippery surfaces). They fit snugly, with adjustable Velcro straps at the top of the foot and at the heel to fine-tune your fit.


The flexible 3.7-milimeter Megagrip Outsole assures grip and durability in both wet and dry conditions, and the 2-milimeter EVA insole provides a little cushion for comfort. Together, they have perforations that allow water to move quickly through the shoe so you’re not sloshing around. A silicone print in the shoe’s lining increases friction between the skin and show for an extra secure hold on your foot.


If you’ve never worn FiveFingers shoes before, they can take a little getting used to, especially when you’re trying to fit each toe into place. I love them far more than booties for the flexibility they provide in the water, and when I’m kayaking, stand-up paddling, canoeing, tubing, and hiking over wet rocks.


When caring for these water shoes, rinse them with fresh water after each saltwater excursion, and you won’t have to wash them each time. When washing, go ahead and toss them into the washing machine (on cold), and let them air dry.


The women’s V-Aqua shoes come in light gray/blue and list for $95 on the Vibram site. The men’s version lists for the same amount and comes in black or gray, also available on the Vibram site.