The Adidas Pfrm Shield S Sunglasses are a huge hit in our house already. From the moment they landed at the house my son and I have been arguing over who gets to wear them. These stylish glasses will complement any sporting event.

Adidas Pfrm Shield S glasses feel lighter than air and as they should because the Pfrm Shield sunglasses only weigh 30gr. The unisex frame is smaller than most sunglass frames we review on the site and it’s very welcomed! I know these Pfrm Shields will stay put while on a run or out on my bike with the customizable fit.

The adjustable nose piece helps create your perfect personalized fit. Flexible temple arms gently hold onto your head while soft grip points at the end of the temple arms aid in keeping your glasses where you want them. Even with long hair, the grip points don’t pull on my hair!

On longer adventures, the Pfrm Shield glasses stay nice and clear with the vent holes at the top of the frame. The adjustable nose bridge keeps the glasses just far enough from the hot, sweaty surface of your face to ensure there’s no fogging by quickly clearing hot air in the area.

Prices for the Adidas Pfrm Shield S sunglasses vary across the internet. These glasses can range from around $115-$160 depending on the seller. I was able to find a wide variety of frame and lens colors on Pictured is the Matte Black frame color. I would recommend the Pfrm Shield to anyone who plays outdoors whether they are training for a lofty goal or watching their kid kick their first goal. They are an all around great fit that allows for flexibility while staying on your face.

Safe travels!


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