Timberland has delivered again with a new sunglass that is made from bio-based plastics. The Timberland Earthkeeper Polarized Sunglasses are incredibly lightweight and have a very approachable rectangle frame that is great for any face shape.

Timberland is known for its high-quality shoes and boots; these glasses are made with the same sturdy construction.

The bio-based plastic is Timberland’s answer to the overuse of plastics in our society. Each glass is guaranteed to contain at least 35% of the bio-based plastics.

All great sunglasses are polarized and these Earthkeeper Polarized lenses are sure to please on the water, road, or at the game. These Dark Havana frames come with a polarized lens. You can order the Matte Black and get Timberland’s Green Polarized lens. Timberland’s polarized lenses reduce glare and provide better depth perception while in the elements.

These frames are available in a large frame only and can be purchased on eyeons.com.

At the time of publishing, they are currently on sale! The Timberland Earthkeeper Polarized Sunglasses normally retail for $117 but are only $73 right now.

Timberland Earthkeeper Polarized Sunglasses come in three frame colors: Dark Havana (pictured), Crystal, and Matte Black.

Safe Travels!

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